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Jun 30, 2010 - 1 comments




The year is 2010, I live in the 'developed world'.  We have soap, water, antibiotics, and condoms.

Why the f*** are people still cutting up their kids for 'hygiene'?  

You teach them to wash their hands, you teach them to brush their teeth, you'd teach a little girl to wipe front to back to prevent infection, it can't be that friggin hard to teach a little boy to 'touch himself' in the shower and rinse underneath a foreskin.  I'm sure he'll do it pretty willingly once he's able.  It may be the only thing he washes.

And seriously don't be paranoid about smega, its not 'dirty' and its not dangerous.  Just a few decades ago women were told to douche with PINE SOL!  Now we know the genitals do what they do for a reason.

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by Marietta2000, Oct 18, 2010
I am so with you on this!!!!  I live in New Zealand, and I don't believe circumcision is practised very much here.  Nobody I know had their sons circumcised.  I saw an obstetrician for both my pregnancies, I have a son and daughter, and the topic of circumcision was NEVER brought up.  I am upset from that blog to see that the majority of women thought circumcision was best.  I am actually amazed, really shocked to hear those opinions in 2010!!!  I got passionate like you, and have had one nasty reply (so far).  I suppose I should have expected it.  I just don't know why parents think they have the right to maim their sons in this way.  

Anyway, I see you are pregnant, and am so happy for you!  Motherhood is the BEST thing in the world.  I am trying for baby #3, but have had difficulty.  I had my son (4yr) and daughter (2yrs) easily, but number # is proving elusive!!  

Take care.  I'm thankful that you are a forward thinking person, who will do right by your children :0)

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