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Jul 01, 2010 - 1 comments

day 4 of weaning, I'm down to 5mgs hydrocone twice a day and seems to working, feeling pretty goodoverall

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by rutryin, Sep 23, 2010
Hi everyone, I have been a opiate addict for at least 20 years. I cold turkeyed off herion,oxycontin.and fentenyal, which i cut open and ate, instead of wearing the patch ,so I know how all of you feel. It's the worst thing I ever went through. I thought I was gonna die,matter fact, it could have killed me. What did I go through? Horrible vomiting and diarria,nerves jumping out of my skin,can't sleep,toss and turning,body was hot and then cold,could'nt get comfortable in any position.That went on for 5 horrible days and nights. I was dehydrated and so weak it was unbelievable. I didn't want anyone to know how bad my addiction was especally my doctor. Anyway it took about 6 months before my body felt normal again.I have degenerative disk disease and my pain is really bad sometimes.After over a year the back pain is so bad I started taking vicodan.The thing with vicodan is, it begins to take more and more to ease the same pain.So now I spend outragious amounts of money buying pills.I saw the nightmare starting again and began weaning myself down to what has gotten to be 150mgs.of hydrocodone a day.I let myself get sick then I took three 10s to feel better waited 9 hours when I started to feel sick again and took one 10 and two darvocet to get through the night.Woke up and took two darvocet and one 10vicodan and two muscle relaxors(non narcotic). I have major pain,how do I manage my bad back pain with the least amount of narcotic pain relievors because nothing else works and they build up so fast? Anybody??? Trying to lessen the monkey.

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