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Sneezing and Peeing.... LOL

Jul 01, 2010 - 0 comments

So yesterday I woke up and I knew that I had a UTI... I have had them so many times in my life I just knew. I called the OB office first thing and they told me to come in for a urine analysis to make sure I had one... OK HOP in the shower, get dressed, off I go. Go to the base, pee and go to the commissary. Grocery shopping hoping that they call me with the results so I can pick up my script. NOPE... I didn't get a call until 330 pm TODAY saying that I have a UTI and they called in my script... OK take a shower, get dressed and I am off to the base again... I stopped by Smith's to get some Turtle chex mix (OMG YUM) and then off to the base to pick up my a.b. and of course I had to wait 30 minutes for that! (I also had the dogs food to go get because they somehow managed to get into their 17 lb of dog food and ate a ton of it and at 50$ a bag not cheap!) Getting the dog food took me another hour to get there and home! [email protected] rush hour traffic!
So here's the sad and funny part... I got home and started peeling potatoes for the mashed potatoes I was making for dinner and I sneezed and OMG I peed my pants! OMG! I couldn't believe it! I have been big pregnant 3 times and never ever have I ever peed my pants! I am not sure if it is because of the UTI that I have or how her heavy head is sitting on my bladder! If she kicks me the right way then I lose the urge to do anything but pee and it is extremely painful!
** Also my little man (Richie) was outside with me after dinner (we go out to the backyard so he can run around after dinner and before his bath) and I sat in my chair on the porch and he tugs at me shirt so I pulled my shirt up and he said belly and was patting it (he is so cute =) and he ended up kissing my belly and saying sister! I am so excited. I showed DH when he got out to the porch with us and he was so excited too! I love my boys!

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