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Still in my Tummy

Aug 08, 2008 - 0 comments

Well I thought I would start this tracker early, havent put anything so I thought I would put something today. I am 27 weeks today, wow one more week and I will be 7 months!! Crazy time is just going by, Im kinda happy about that so my little one can come out and be in my arms. Shes been doing such strong movements now, I really noticed them when she was moving around for pretty much 3 hours straight. I ate dinner than watched a movies and just relaxed in my bed and the whole time she was going crazy! You can totally feel her now just by pushing your fingers along my tummy!
My baby shower is soon and I am so anxious about that, I also have a 3d ultasound I am going to in a week and a half Im so excited.
I am getting these baby shower favours made for me for my guest one is a pink horse fram which has a personilized tag and when I get my ultrasound done I am going to get more photos and put a photo from the ultrasound in them! Then I also am getting a bottle candle. I just couldnt stick with one, all too exciting for me!
I dont know what people think when it comes to baby showers but alot of my friends and my recent aunt had a shower and people had a guys and girls there, it just doesnt seem like anyone wants to go traditional only girl baby shower anymore, I only invited my girlfriends and if anyone wants to bring there man, its a no no!!
My man is going to be the only guy there lol, which kinda ***** for him but he is supose to help me bring everything over to his moms (where we are having it) and help with preperation. Its my baby shower so I cant be doing everything, I am the one who is supose to sit back and get lest I will have to make sure, when it comes to stuff I have planned I tend to want to make sure everything is in order and end up doing alot of the work, well hope it doesnt get too far.
Hey I will put up photos of my baby shower favours just to show you (if anyone even read this). Its a good idea to do. Cant wait!!

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