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just dont no if i can do it anymore

Jul 02, 2010 - 2 comments

y is it every time i see the dr she tell me one more thing y i cant get prego. why dose my body hate me. frist my tubes where mess up then i was not o  on my own then af was not coming on it own then i have to have surger then a misscarred im so ready to give up. well the blood work came back today i am Insulin Resistance and she thinking about putting me on Metformin dose anyone no y. what dose it do to help u get prego? if i rember right someone was talking that on her. and my testosterone leavels where low and my body is making breast mike and im not my obgyn going to take to my dr to see what he think about starting me on metformin. i dont no y i just dont give up. with being over wait andall my health problems it never going to happen

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by Cassandrajane, Jul 02, 2010
Please dont give up. Thats the worst thing to do. The best thing to do is Have Hope. Things get better.
Have you been told you're infertile or anything? Please don't give up. Please. Is there anyone who can be a surrogate for you? So they can carry your child with your egg and partners sperm? Like IVF but someone else carrying it, I know its not the same. I am not very good at this stuff, but I am a great listener and I am here if you need anyone to let everything out on.
Are they doing everything they can to help you.
Try not to stress yourself and calm down....
Please please don't give up.

Im here if you need to talk.


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by noahsmommy8, Jul 02, 2010
i am on metformin! i take 3x 500mg. it took my body awhile to get used to ,but after about 2 weeks everything was back to normal!!! i had to take provera last month and now i am taking the metformin and clomid this cycle!! it lowers your insulin levels in your body and somehoe it is connected to ovulating!!!

i also have high testosteron levels and pcos!!! it took me 3 years to concieve my son with out any medical help!!! the only thing different was that i had lost 40 lbs!!!

keep your head up and just try out the new meds and see how they work out for you!!!

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