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Aug 08, 2008 - 3 comments




I am in day 2 of narcotic withdrawl and it *****!! I never want to go back to that life! It is not fun counting pills all the time, hiding pills and being secretive to the people I love the most in the world!! I decided to get clean for me and my family!

I watched my mother go through a vicodin addiction and I saw it tear our family apart! I never want to do that to my son or my husband! I want to be the person I used to be before my addiction... I want to get a handle on this now before it gets any worse!!

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by joann1975, Aug 08, 2008
I am so proud to read you decided to make this decision! You will love no longer being a prisoner to those stupid pills! You will love life CLEAN!!! Your family will love's going to be great. You will have rough days ahead of you during this detox period but it's worth it.

Make sure too check out the health pages....when you are on the main screen of the forum they are listed on the right side of the screen. I would at your stage definetly check out the Thomas Recipe and the Amino Acid Protocols.

You can do this and it will be so worth it!!! Keep on posting....that's what we are all here for!

(if you need to chat or anything feel free to PM me ok?)

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by sa55y1, Aug 09, 2008
hi hun,  i went thru a similar thing when i was 17 i have to say it was the most horrific, scary, challenging thing to do, however also the most rewarding. u have your life ahead of you keep grasping at every oppertunity aimed at you. it will get better. tc sa55y x

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by eringobragh, Aug 14, 2008
im in the same situation...ive been taking way too many vicodin es a day! one day without them it horrific. im a mess. i have agreat family boyfriend, job, friends, i have everything to live for...i just cant get over the withdrawal. ive done this before i was prescribed clonodinefor anxiety and withdrawal. i guess it helped i was clean for 8 months...temptation is what got me. i need someone to talk to i feel SO ALONE. Noone nos im going through this again ive did a great job at keeping this from everyone. im a functioning addict. cant function without it! please if you have any wise words or really any words at all, im all ears. peace and love

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