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2 week pill binge

Jul 04, 2010 - 0 comments




so dont remember much of last week. this week was Blue Diamonds & Blue G week . took E. all week
& well this hole weekend i dint party. I think the 2 week pill binge hit me right in the face. ive been feeling horrible all
weekend. Blue G's are half Acid . took 2 during my pill binge. Met a new friend called Haley , shes just like me. i spent my weeks with her & all my other friends as well.. Im gunna take a lil break from E . for a few weeks .. Tho
Brown Stars are comming soon. . anyways .the addiction has me at the moment. so you know how it is ,.
you can only stop for yourself.. if your not willing. you will not stop . so sorry to all who might have been worried about me.. im fine ive just been running off doing E. for the past 2 weeks.

much love . sharebearx . peace oxo

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