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Aug 09, 2008 - 3 comments

I suffer from anxiety have for years now. If you have questions about anxiety I probally have an answer or know where to find it just drop me a note. I also suffer from PTSD. which in turn affects anxiety. please don't be afraid to ask me questions.  I am a mother of a 5 year old and one on the way. My husband is in the military and is gone for up to 6 months at a time out of the year. Its hard but I manage. I wasnt diagnosed with the anxiety disorder itself til I was married to my husband over 6 years ago. But when I look back I can see that I had it all along. I get anything from heart flutters, to hot and cold flashes, the shakes, sick to my stomach and the other end, chest pains, name the symptom I have it plus some.....I used to have the attacks everyday and at times it lasted the entire day. It was as though I was having these attacks one right after the other. I have been on all sorts of medications to help control it. Xanex,Clonopin,Buspar,Prozac,Celexa,Wellbutran,Diazpam, and the most recent because I am pregnant and its he only one thye had that was safe to take Atarax. I have been through years of counsling with psychotherapists and was at the point of giving up on them til I found one that worked great with me. She helped me find non medication ways of dealing with the attacks and told me about other clients who were able to get off the meds and stop having the episodes themselves. Now My attacks are more under control I dont have them nearly as often and they don't keep me from functioning. There for awhile I would have the attacks and all I could do was sleep because they would take all my energy. Now I can go out and not have to think about when my next attack may be. I can enjoy my day and know these attacks can't stop me. Last years was the hardest, I didn't feel like a normal person, but this year I can say that I feel like a normal person again.  It is possible to defeat these anxiety attacks but it takes educating yourself adn finding the thing that works for you to help. If you want to talk I am free just send me a message.

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by maria73, Aug 31, 2008
Hi, I suffer from a severe case of Panic and Anxiety pretty bad. I was diagnosed with this abput 7 yeras ago. I have twin boys that are 8 years old. For a while I felt like I had it under control then suddenly it seemed to get pretty bad. I am currently taking one 0.5 Clonopin and Remeron to help me to sleep at night. I was recently seen by the doctor and she told me to take a clonopin two times and day and a third if needed. I am so afraid of the stories that I hear about this medication. I do not want to be a zombie and I certainly do not want to be dependent on it. I wish my life could be the way it was before. I get stressed out pretty easily and often feel really bad because I know I should not get so stressed out but I can't help it. When i feel an attack comming on I try to start my deep breathing but find myself having really bad obsesive thoughts. I would reall love to speak with someone that can help me to get through this. I want to be the best mom to my children and not have them see me sick everyday. Right now since thre doctor increased the dosage of my medication I feel like I am having butterflies in my chest. I am not so sure what that is???? I am a terrible worrier I worry about absolutely everything. Will this ever get better and will my life be normal. I really appreciate your help.

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by vickilgh, Sep 16, 2008
Hi. I also was diagnosed with anxiety and depression years ago. I am no longer on medicine. I am 24 years old and  currently 22wks pregnant and have a 10 mth old son. I am constantly stressing out over everything. I can't seem to help it. I have had a really bad pregnancy this time with getting sick, headaches, feeling faint, gerd, and chest pain. Feeling like this is a big stresser in itself. Recently I have had a burning sensation that is not where my gerd would normally affect me. I have it above my left breast and it radiates to my neck and i feel like i can't breath as well as normal. Lately any thing that hurts on me, I fear it is going to kill me. I fear dying horribly bad and I am afraid this pain might have to do with my heart. Although, I have been to the doctors and the said my heart and lungs sound good. but no test were done. Do you think this could be my anxiety affecting me? Have you had these symptoms? I have a presciption for zoloft but am afraid to take it because of my unborn baby.

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by winglesangel, Sep 16, 2008
DO NOT take the zoloft if you can't seem to get through the attacks ask the doctor for meds that are safe during pregnancy.

To answer your question about the burning sensation iot may just be heartburn have the doctor check you for that they can give you meds.....

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