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Period, cyst or pregnancy?

Jul 04, 2010 - 0 comments

I just have to say today I am completely confused.  I had been waiting patiently, since my miscarriage D&C on June 7th for signs of ovulation, for my period anything.  I had been seeing my doctor every week to have my hCG monitored to follow it down to zero.  Last week Tuesday, the hCG was down to 28.  I figured by this Tuesday there would be nothing left.  It had steadily gone from:
3rd June - 54,000,
7th June - 5074 (D&C)
15th June - 1574
22nd June - 151
24th June - 88
30th June - 28
So it stands to reason that it would likely be zero by now.  And so, I had decided to use OPK's just to see if I could find out when I was ovulating and be prepared for my period.  However, using an entire box of 7 tests I had the most negative tests I have ever registered.  In the past, I have always showed at least a faint test line next to the control line, but these tests, I didn't even register a test line (thus I presume there was next to no LH in my urine).  So when Sunday morning I wiped after my first morning urine, and discovered blood, I was shocked.  Now, my first thought was - could this be my hemorrhagic cyst rupturing?  (That night before, I had a severe sharp pain just before bed.  I honestly thought at that point it was my newer 5 cm cyst, just causing me some usual pains.)  But when I thought I had better use a tampon, and a few hours later I had to change it, I realized that possibly it wasn't from a rupture.  As the day went on, it was looking more like my first period after the D&C.  But as night fell, the bleeding (which was only light to moderate in the first place) stopped abruptly.  And since then hasn't returned.  I am now confused.  Some other things came to mind.  I usually have very heavy periods, which at one time years ago my doctor suggested having a D&C to alleviate the heavy long periods.  Since having my D&C because of my miscarriage, I wonder if my first period post D&C ended up being this light "sort of period" simply because they "cleaned" me out?  Or, could it be because my body reached zero hCG?  And more stranger still, could it be because I might be pregnant and the "bleeding" I had experienced was simply implantation bleeding?  I know that implantation bleeding can be just like this.  But, I didn't think I had even ovulated let alone affirmatively knew I had reached zero hCG.  I guess, I will just have to wait, and keep an eye out for any further bleeding, cramping (which is relative since I have multiple cysts) and possibly do a pregnancy test in a few weeks.  This is all confusing.  One thing I am certain of, and it's quite possibly the only thing I am certain of at the moment, is Hubby and I did BD quite a few times with in the last 3 weeks and that I was very capable of becoming pregnant by "catching" the first egg post D&C.  I am glad I spoke with  my family doctor the ER doctor as well as the OBGYN at the hospital who performed the D&C  and asked them when it was okay to for me to conceive again and they all told me that it was fine to try again right away and if my body was prepared to conceive it would.  There was no medical need to wait any amount of cycles.  So while I would be ecstatic if I were pregnant, I kind of doubt that's whats going on.  But I do wonder what really IS going on!

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