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I feel like my post are being avoided.

Jul 05, 2010 - 0 comments

I know that there was a big misunderstanding last month regarding me being more than one user, but that was all cleared up. But is seems that since then that no one wants to answer my post unless you are new to the forum. If I am that untrustworthy then maybe I should just quit. I come on here to discuss things I don't have anyone else to discuss it with. My DH doesn't always understand what is going on. I just haven't got very much feed back lately and it is kind of hurting my feelings. Maybe I am just reading something into the situation that isn't really there, but I have noticed a big decrease in the amount of responses I receive since the incident last month. I really hope I can continue using this forum as a sounding board. If I am completely wrong, then I wish someone would explain why the sudden decrease in comments.

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