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hypothyroid and nearly better but not quite and so frustrated/anxious

Jul 07, 2010 - 2 comments


so, hmmm, can't sleep. brain all buzzy. arm sore from too much typing already today as work was busy. haven't been on here for a while as have been focussing on trying to get back to normal at work after having a lot of time off but I've just posted my first question for ages and replied to a few aswell.

am anxious that maybe I can't get back to "normal" as I thought it was and maybe I need to redefine what that is and recognise that with this illness I'm not as capable as I used to be. maybe I never will be again but then again, maybe I just need to give myself time.


grateful for this space to vent and for any comments if anyone reads this. feeling just a little bit alone at the moment.  

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by Nat_16, Jul 07, 2010
Try not to feel alone, there are many of us feeling how you do.  Me included.  Fuzzy brain, aches and wishing I was just "normal" again.  Yep, thats pretty much how I feel.  

You are right, we need time to get through this.  Eventually you will be stable with your thyroid levels and relatively "back to normal".  It is frustrating but alas, time is the key.    Try to have patience and be kind to yourself and hopefully things will start looking up for you soon.

Take care!! :)

1097839 tn?1344579942
by yallolorry, Jul 08, 2010
oh, oh, thank you Nat - super kind of you to post.  you take care too :)

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