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Jul 08, 2010 - 5 comments

Epstein Barr

Just found out I also have Epstein-Barr Virus. REALLY High Test results for the Chronic/Reactivated test. That's just great!

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by browneyed, Aug 06, 2010
I too have tested positive for ebv.  what did your test results say?

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by Romald, Aug 08, 2010

I'm unsure as to whether I have it or not..Are you results similar to mine..

Anti EBV Nuclear Antigen IgG (EBNA)   30.1  
ANti EBV VCA IgG                               14.6
Anti EBV VCA IgM                               0.8

Please can anyone tell me - does this mean that I have EBV/ Glandular Fever or does it mean that I have had it in the past and that my symptoms now are post viral as I still feel totally dizzy and out of it?

Please help!!

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by Josephp123, Aug 06, 2013
Just came on here to figure out the same thing. My Primary tells me that I should not be concerned, but I have been feeling horrible now for over 1 month with numbness in hands, feet, thighs, headache, fatigue and many sleepless nights.  Ran Lyme test and MRI of head and both came back normal. Did many blood tests and EBV came back positive for 2 of the 3. I never remeber having Mono so I am confused about this. I dont feel well so Not sure what is going on.  I do know this. I do get bouts of herpes outbreaks and when I do I feel horrible all over. It usually lasts 3-5 days and then goes away. What I have had for the past month is similar, but much stronger and lasting much longer.  Here are my results.

EBV CAPSID AB IGM 5.00 index                 H

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by Josephp123, Aug 06, 2013
Sorry most of it did not carry over in above email

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by Josephp123, Aug 06, 2013
Not sure why this is not carrying over.     IGM    5.0 so trying to figure out if these results could be an indicator of why I am feeling so bad?

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