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When does THIS journey end??

Jul 08, 2010 - 0 comments








This is going to be long. lol.

I got married when I was 20 years old. He's the person i'm definitely going to spend the rest of my life with and I knew the moment that I met him we would be married. Anyways, so here I am 31 years old now and without a child.  I've had really really bad periods for about the last 12 years now. I thought I had endometriosis because my aunt had to have a hysterectomy at 29 because of it. For the last 6 years now we've been trying to have a baby. My way of trying is not preventing it. BUT for the last 10 years now we've never used anything at all. Still no pregnancy.  I finally got insurance about 2 years ago and went to the gyno. He said "OMG your biological clock is ticking, you're running out of time".   I was there specifically for the pain and what was causing it!!  He obviously didn't realize that. He did a transvaginal ultrasound which showed "a spot" in my uterus and said everything looks good. I was not understanding why I was in so much pain still.  Mind you my pain is god awful. I have pain in my lower back which is constant, pain in my hips and sometimes my thighs, pain in my ovaries and uterus and somtimes I have pain in my rectum (during bowel movement I have to stop because it hurts so bad). This pain gets so bad every month that I have to take pain pills and they just knock me out.  They don't help with the pain at all and I have a very very low tolerance to pain so they either knock me out or if I take a whole pill it makes me dizzy and naeseous.  So this pain has gotten so bad though I'll throw up, pass out. I used to take tylenol and that helped. Then it got to where 2 tylenol wasn't helping...4 tylenol wasn't helping and on to a half of a pain pill and a hot bath. Then that didn't help anymore so I would take the half and knock myself out. On top of all this pain I would bleed really bad.  It was irregular, I'd bleed really bad during my periods, I'd bleed inbetween, bleed after sex and I'd start bleeding if I would do strenuous work.  SO back to the dr.  He let me go that day without any kind of followup or the "next step".  I started my period and was hurting like crazy then it got to the point where I was going on 18 days of bleeding. I called the gyno and the nurse (who was rude!) said.."It says on your chart no narcotics!".  I felt about an inch tall, like a pill head. I said " That's fine! BUT what about the fact I've been bleeding for 18 days, do you think you could manage to HELP WITH THAT??".  She said, " well we could try birth control if that's okay with you". By this time I was desperate for any help.  He also put on my chart that I had "Possible Fibroids" so when I asked about my next option she said " your insurance won't pay for it becasue you have a Pre-existing condition"   I said " pre existing condition, like what??" and she said " your possible fibroids".  I was floored. I told her that he never told me about FIBROIDS! SOOO I changed gyno's. This new lady gyno said since I wasn't able to go the next step put me on birth control which I was ok with because she said it would help with my bleeding and pain. It did, for about 5 months, started hurting again. Little by little until now it's either as bad if not worse than before. SO she sends me to a fertility specialists and he does a lap and hysteroscopy(because HSG showed cervical stenosis). He found minimal endo, a cyst on my tube and a polyp in the middle of my uterus. He said he didn't see any real cause to my severe pain. SO he wants to send me to a pelvic specialists. I'm just curious what's going on. I'm sooo tired of hurting everyday. I was crying last night to hubby because it seems after 12 years I'd finally find some answers and get relief.  I have no clue what the pelvic specialists is going to find but I'm very interested.  ANY HELP will do!!

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