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Jul 09, 2010 - 2 comments

This week of vacation has KILLED me!!!! Eating out is my main problem this week. And I only made it to the gym once.

Kalyn's Weight Loss
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by skydivediva, Jul 09, 2010
Dear Kalyn,

Don't get discouraged. You'd mentioned in your 7/2 entry that the 3 lb. weight loss you had that week was unexpected given what you'd eaten. SO...maybe the scale was showing a FALSELY LOW weight that THAT WEEK. If that's the case, it would FALSELY INFLATE  YOUR WEIGHT GAIN THIS WEEK. While some of the weight gain probably IS due to less careful eating during your vacation, some of it is also likely the result of fluid shifts that you've been experiencing over the past couple of weeks. So don't dispair over the numbers. Instead, focus on the weight you've lost so far & the downward direction your weight has been taking over time. Remind yourself of the fun you enjoyed on your vacation, make peace with any diet slip-ups that occured (and remind yourself that we couldn't go an entire lifetime without some culinary treats---we have to learn to enjoy them within reason and your vacation was just "practice" to see how much you can enjoy while still maintaining the weight loss you desire) & resolve to get back on track. Good luck with achieving your goals!

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by KalynS, Jul 12, 2010
Thanks!!! I knew vacation was going to be a struggle for me. I am back on track today, back to logging my food and tracking my calories and being more cautious. My diet over vacation has thrown my digestion tract off, so getting back to healthier foods is something I am looking forward to!

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