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Doctors Appointment  - 15 weeks 5 days

Jul 09, 2010 - 0 comments

15 weeks





Well today we got to see and guess what you hid away if you were a little boy or girl so naughty! Doc seems to think you are a boy but wont say for sure so we have to wait for a whole nother 4 weeks! wow that is forever it seems.

WEll we got to see you with your littel ribs and arms and legs and bones! oh wow! sure im not goint to be liking those bones in weeks to come. Doc is happy you grew so nicely and happy with how we are doing so all is well. Need to take a little bit extra calcium so your bones grow nice and strong and mommies leg cramps go away!

Dear Unborn Jacoby
I hope you soon let us know if we can call you he or she mommy doesnt like calling you baby speically when we have our chats! which like all good children you ignored mommy already by not letting us know LOL..I can't wait to see how you grow and to feel you in there moving about :) Love you so much already!

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