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Going for Sleep Study Tonight - 7/9/10

Jul 09, 2010 - 4 comments

I can definitely think of a better way to spend a Friday night than go for a sleep study - my second one in 2 years.  

So, why am I goin then?  

When I was in the hospital, the nurses doing rounds at night noted in my chart that they had observed apnea events when they came through.   They woke me and put me on oxygen thinking that would be the correct thing to  do only to find out that this is not appropriate for  apnea as the respiratory therapist told me later.  Another sleep study was recommended.  

Then my daughter came to stay with me after I got out of the hospital.  Since she was sleeping with me she had first hand knowledge of these apnea events, really loud snoring, and odd breathing patterns during the night.  She woke me up on several occassions because she was concerned, but stopped when I threatened her (only kidding).  When I saw the ENT, again another sleep study was recommended.

So that's why I am finally going through with the study - again.  I have my own ideas about what may be making things worse - the muscle relaxant, but will let the pro's make that call.  

I think that it is importatnt for anyone who is suspected of having symptoms that may be related to sleep apnea go and get it checked out.  It is no joke to have apnea, something that can be a cause of daytime sleepiness to actually causing significant physical harm or even death.  

I'll give up my Friday night to make sure things are ok and if they aren't then we will know what we need to do to get things back under control. Better to catch something before it gets worse than to wait.

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by Sarahsmom46, Jul 10, 2010
Just got home a few minutes ago from the sleep study that was done at a local university hospital.  Its pouring rain and I am feeling a little tired from the "interrupted" sleep  I got last night, but am glad it's done and over with.

They were going to do a split night sleep study meaning I'd be put on a CPAP at some point during the night if I met the criteria after 2 hours of deep REM sleep.  The tech said if I met the criteria, 20 or more apnea events within an hour, then he'd come back in the room and hook me up.  He never came in to hook me up, so I realized I didn't met that criteria.  

He did, however, come 2 times to tell me to change position so they can see what quality of sleep I got laying on my right side and then on my back.  I had no problem with the right side, but when he told me later to lay on my back, OMG that didn't last more than 5-10 minutes.  I couldn't breath well, started coughing, and my legs hurt more than ever.  I tried to stay in this position, but had to give it up.

In fact, I was in pain the whole night because stupid me forgot to bring the zanaflex.  I accidentally brought the lasix instead and was so upset that I almost asked my son to drive back to my apartment and pick it up for me.  DIdn't do that because he would have been upset about it and I wouldn't hear the end of it.  So, I was in pain.  

The study was over at 6:00 am.  The tech came back in and unhooked everything.  I was still so tired and yet he wanted me to fill out another questionnaire.  He ended up filling it out for me as I just couldn't focus on it.  While we were filling it out he mentioned that he read my chart that I'd had a previous study and that the results then were "mild apnea".  He said that this time was not mild, but that the doctor will be the one to go over the data and count the number of apnea events per hour to decide if this was moderate.

I try not to listen to study techs, not that I don't want the info, but I know they are not supposed to tell anything.  So, I was surprised that he mentioned this.  Well, I'll wait to see what the issue is or isn't after my doctor gets the results.  I don't want to go on CPAP and will be happy to get good news.  Fingers crossed.

Glad its over and hopefully everything will be fine.  Now what should I do the rest of the day?  :)

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by Sarahsmom46, Jul 29, 2010
Well, it wasn't exactly a good report - actually wasn't a good report. Dr. P confirmed what the tech and the nurse scheduler told me about my results.  My apnea scores were twice as bad ths time as last time. She said the apnea events averaged out to be 27-28 an hour which is clinically significant.  I am headed back into the sleep lab for cpap study this time.  I am hopeful that the cpap will help, but there is no guarantee if this is central sleep apnea versus obstructive.  I have already been told that BPAP would probably be better for me than the CPAP.  

I was a little surprised about the results and thought the nurses at the hospital, Sarah, and even the tech were wrong about the increased apnea. I am not aware of it at all during the night, but feel it during the day.  

I know that zanaflex was something I thought was making the apnea worse, according to my daughter's observations so I stopped taking it to see if that helped. She said it did seem better. But I am in pain if I don't take it then can't wake up well in the morning to go to work. It is a catch-22.  ON the night of the sleep study, I forgot to bring the zanaflex with me. I brought the lasix bottle instead and was so pissed off.  Well, it didn't seem to change the course as not taking it showed a high score anyway. So can't blame the zanaflex on this one.

So I told Dr. P I would give the cpap a chance. She said that if I can't tolerate the cpap that surgery is the next option.  NOt for me it isn't.  I know she likes to do surgeries and I have had a lymph node and tonsils taken out by her and trust her work, but not doing a surgery for apnea.  Just not interested in that at all.  

I have my follow up study set for Friday, Aug 20th, but begged for an earlier day. I could have sworn they told me Aug 13th, but I think the lady gave away my appointment to someone else but didn't admit it.  Oh well, I will call her every couple of days to see if anything has come up.  This is really affecting my work and I need to get help now.

That's about it for now.

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by rendean, Jul 29, 2010
I'm sorry you are having to go through all of this again. I did a sleep study and it was no fun. It does sound as if you
have accepted the fact that is necessary , which is a big step forward. You a a compliant patient and I know in my heart that you will doing any and everything to fight what ever ails you. You are one strong woman!

My study showed frequent awakenings , due to leg pain, as verbally told to me by my neuro. All I was interested in was did I snore since I am always being accused of snoring and keeping DH awake. I was vindicated on that count! :-)

Enjoy your time with your DH and put the worry of the next study to the side while he is home.I hope your a enjoying his visit.

I 'm sending wishes for less fatigue and more get -up and- go!

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by Sarahsmom46, Aug 02, 2010
Got a call from my pulmonologist who wanted to go over my sleep study results in more detail than the ENT.  Below is a synapsis of what she told me and her response to my questions.

- Averaged 28 AHI per hour overall - Moderat or clinical sleep apnea
- Quality of sleep was 93% - normal is above 85% (means we had an accurate sleep study)
- During REM sleep there where 43 apnea events per hour.
- Sleep latency was 8 minutes - That was quick normal being 10-20 minutes.  This is likely due to chronic sleep issues.
- Oxygen desaturation was at best 93% and at worst 81% - may be why the tech woke me up 2x that night to change position
-Took 63 minutes to dream sleep. Not sure what that means exactly

I told Dr. K that the sleep center coordinator had given me a date of Aug 13th, but when I called back to be sure they got the order from my ENT, my date suddenly changed to Aug 20th. Not big deal to me, bur Dr. K said she wanted the cpap study done ASAP and will send the coordinator an email to get the next cancellation.  

We talked about BiPAP versus CPAP and she said that was a good question so she will order CPAP first and if I was not responding well to it, then the tech will switch to BiPAP.

Asked if MS could be exagerating the apnea issue and she said ablsolutely it could be making the situation more difficult.

She will initiate the order for a cpap and notify insurance while we wait for another sleep study.  I am to return to see her in 4-6 weeks after the study to see how things are going.

She was very encouraging that this will help me feel a lot better and even said that using a med stimulant during the day is not out of the question, but to try and see how the cpap helps first.

I am happy to have treatment options for problems that are fixable.  

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