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First Follicle check after starting Follistim- need some opinions!

Jul 09, 2010 - 4 comments

I went today for a check of the follicles for the first time after starting Follistim shots. It is day 4 of the medication. I have 4 follicles (2 size 10 and 2 size 9) and a bunch of smaller ones. The nurse increased my dosage from 375iu to 600iu. Seems like overkill but I trust they know what they're doing.

Does this seem on target to everyone? Nurse said she was pleased where I'm at, based on my age and dosage. What do you all think?


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by Kricket212, Jul 10, 2010
Maybe they increased to get the smaller ones growing so you will have more then 4 eggs.  I know for your own reasons you only want to have a few embryos that you transfer...but given that you may not have many I highly recommend that you fertalize all of them.  I have never had any left over & the most I made was 8 when time to transfer only 2 were good.  If they only fertalize a few...I would have been left with nothing.
You are on max dosage.  I was using 450 gonel-f.  These #'s are high because we are slow responders.  I am going away today & will be home late tomorrow night if you need to talk........Good Luck!!

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by Jennifer330, Jul 10, 2010
Thanks for responding! It's so hard to be at the mercy of the doctors! I'm going back on Monday for another check. I thought for sure that I would respond with tons of follicles because I'm very healthy and exercise regularly. I guess it just depends on your age and egg supply. Did you do ICSI when you did your IVF's? I'm really hoping that they get at least 3 to fertilize and transfer.

More to come! Enjoy your weekend! :)

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by Loveday511, Jul 10, 2010
Jen, I have been responding kind of slow as well and I thought for sure I would be doing much better.  My RE also increased my meds and added Menopur to the Gonal-F.  I was feeling the same way.....I don't understand why I am not responding as well since I am to healthy and exercise regularly.  I have also started this yoga program called restoring fertility and thought for sure the follicular phase within the DVD would really help.  Well hopefully you will have lots of those smaller ones grow & mature right where they need to be!!  So you want to transfer 3?  I am hoping for the same thing.  My RE usually only transfers 2.....we will see how it all works out.  Hope you are having a great weekend as well and keep us posted!!

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by usuk, Jul 13, 2010
Saw your note on krickets wall. Are you taking lupron or menopur too? As long as the estrogen climbs you are okay. I did crash and burn one month - estrogen nose dived about cd10. But other months I was just slow starter and eventually got there. Good luck but know if they cancel it's because they believe your best number of follies is ahead of you :) if you by any chance are on lupron they might switch you to menopur - or vice versa. I went from 5 full size follies one cycle to 10 large ones in the next. :)

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