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mild palpitations

Jul 10, 2010 - 1 comments

Everything has been peachy for months, and I have been enjoying life immensely. did a pretty hard hike yesterday, it was hot and 2700 ft straight up. Had a few palpitaitons at the top, and a some very mild arrhythmias since. I missed a few doses of rhythmol this week. too much caffiene and alcohol too maybe and not enough water, must have been enough to set me off. Good now though, and I feel good after the hike.

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by mikiscupcake, Jul 10, 2010
What all causes you to have heart palpitations?  I know I'm incredibly sensitive to caffeine so I've cut it out of my life completely but I still get them from time to time.  Nobody else I know has problems like that so it'd be nice to see what goes on with somebody else.

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