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Beginning of day 4...

Aug 10, 2008 - 1 comments

Narcotic addiction


narcotic withdrawal

Well, I hope today is better than yesterday! It is currently 6 am and I am unable to sleep. My back hurts so bad and I still feel queezy.

I am staying positive that everyday is a new day and closer to feeling "normal."  

We are suppose to take our son to the fair today and meet with some friends for dinner, I hope I am feeling up to it, I would hate to have to cancel because I feel like ****... it doesn't seem fair to them.

I know this is all mind over matter so I am trying my very hardest not to dwell on how I feel, I am just trying to endure and see the light @ the end of the tunnel.

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by joann1975, Aug 10, 2008
I think getting out doing something could help you feel better! Also, walking around the fair and getting exercise may help you sleep tonight.

This is tough what you are going through....but IT'S WORTH IT!!! You are doing the right thing for YOU & YOUR FAMILY! You won't regret it!

Sadly, it's normal for the pain to get worse right now but that will ease up with time also!

Keep up the good work and keep are doing great and you will beat this!


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