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Recovery Finally

Jul 11, 2010 - 3 comments



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Ive been a member since last year and I have come s0o0o far since Ive last logged on. A few concerning problems Ive had that have been recently diagnosed are obviously an addict, I have anxiety, depression, maybe mild schizophrenia, bulimia nervosa, and ive been suffering from a broken heart full of blame and shame. Today, I am known as a stable young lady, A trying mother, and a dependable happy daughter. Ever since the doctors put me on Prozac my chemicals have been perfectly balanced. This medication not only helps with my depression/anxiety, but also with everything else! I honestly think if I hadn't been treated I would still be in the black rut I was in last year. I use to think that treating mental illnesses with medication was a joke, my views have changed a bit! Thank you all for your love and support! God Bless

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by painbrain, Jul 26, 2010

I am glad you have found a supportive community here!  Good luck, and Be blessed!

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by chiengsiewleong, Jun 14, 2012
Is it u still depend on the drug?

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by rana64, Sep 04, 2013
How you doing these days with the prozac? Still on the med? I started last friday after a lot of problem with others meds, prozac has helped me in the past and now im waiting for this miracle again.Hope you are doing great!

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