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Thinking about OCD

Jul 12, 2010 - 0 comments








When I come on it's usually just for a quick glance through posts. Every once and awhile I will stay on longer than normal. Anywayyyy...

I was folding laundry with my husband the other day and I got him upset because of my OCD. I was trying to fold all my intimates before he got a hold of them because I KNEW he would fold them wrong! I ended up having to walk over to towards the trash can, for a reason I can't even remember now, and when I returned he had folded the last piece I had. And of course, it was folded wrong! I said something to him about it and he told me he wasn't going to touch the laundry anymore because apparently he does everything wrong! So we ended up bickering for a minute or two. I would just hate to have to refold everything. I mean isn't it enough that I try not to fold my shirts anymore? and leave them laid out so I can just hang them up instead? Not to mention the fact that he layers my clothes wrong! When he folds them I am constantly having to pick up my underwear because he layers them singely in between my shirts and pants. It's like a mixed mess. So when I pick out my pants to put them away the underwear falls on the floor because I didn't know it was there.
Sometimes I worry he is going to see all my ocd habits and think I'm crazy. But really he probably already thinks I am crazy! LOL

I hate locking doors because I usually have to hold onto to the doorknob to verify I locked it. That or I'll lock it then start to walk away and have to turn around and check it one last time, sometimes by looking but most likely feeling the lock.
That is all I can think of right now, until later...

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