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Cirrhosis of the Liver Found

Jul 12, 2010 - 5 comments

Cirrhosis of the liver

















I had a sonogram last Thursday. I go to see the liver specialist next week to talk about the results.  Today I went to see my primary doctor because I've been having dizziness and a lot of pain.  She did tell me that I had cirrhosis.  How much I don't know. She said that the liver wasn't smooth anymore.  I've got a week to worry about this.  I need to know more about cirrhosis and was does this mean f or me.  I'm very scarred.  But my intuition told me this was happening. I've been having a lot of anxiety and dizziness.  Maybe I knew.

Pray for me.

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by Bill1954, Jul 12, 2010
Vicky, you'll get much more input if you post this in the HCV forum; click on the 'post question' button near the top of the page:

There are many people in there that have cirrhosis, and will be happy to offer you guidance and share their thoughts. Many of them will miss you over here on the side of the page.

The reason your liver isn't smooth any more is probably due to regenerative nodules. You're doctor will probably recommend a low-salt, liver friendly diet for you to follow, and perhaps some new meds to take as well. Until you speak further with your doctor you might want to avoid large quantities of red meat; better to eat several small meals per day. Also, protein is important, but better to get it from legumes like lentils, beans, chicken and fish than beef right now; at least until the doctor examines you and does further testing. The dizziness you're experiencing could possibly be attributable to ammonia in your blood; this is a by product of protein metabolism.

You should definitely seek out a qualified GI doc, or even better, a hepatologist to manage your liver disease. I understand you have treated the HCV twice without success; right now, you want to take very good care of your liver. Whatever happens, do not drink alcohol; this will make matters much worse.

Post on the main HCV board, and I'm sure you'll get more responses.

Good luck--


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by vickie5989, Jul 12, 2010
Thank you Bill that a lot of help.  The first thing I thought was I was going to die soon or I'll get a liver transplant.  I'll try not to put anything in to it until I hear more for the results.  The people I'm going to are specialist, I believe they are going to schedule me for a GI as well.


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by run4you, Jul 12, 2010
You'll be in my prayers.

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by rmevans, Jul 13, 2010
I am so sorry to hear about the cirrhosis.  I wish you luck with your treatments.

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by vickie5989, Jul 13, 2010
Thank you.

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