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Jul 12, 2010 - 4 comments

today i got my bloodwork done switched ob doctors shes hoping my number rise atleast to 800 or more which more will be better but lets just get it atleast at 800. so get result tommorrow.    first betas=126 7/5/10  second betas=431 7/8/10.  thired betas=? 7/12/10                

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796506 tn?1370188305
by nickieb85, Jul 12, 2010
Congrats! Your numbers look like they are doubling wonderfully!

187316 tn?1386356682
by alaysha, Jul 12, 2010
Your levels look great! I think this one is going to stick! :)

1375518 tn?1278733673
by betsy1984, Jul 14, 2010
so i just my call back with my betas results and from thursday 431 7/8/10 till yesterday 7/12/10 my results came back pretty high at 2,454. my doctor said so far so good. so thank god for listening to all our prayers and our betas numbers rising. god bless us all. more bloodwork on thursday 7/15/10. @bfromthed congrates on ur rising betas. i guess so far things are looking good. so march babies here they come lol...... thank u @alaysha i think so [email protected] yeah im alil more calm now with my numbers. thank u girls for showing concern i will keep u's updated as for yall. god bless us and all of our unborn 1"s.

1375518 tn?1278733673
by betsy1984, Jul 19, 2010
congrates im so happy for u thats great news i also got an ultrasound but they only saw a gastation sac of 5weeks 6 days last thursday but my levels is rising pretty good so i guess its just early new level from friday 9,633. well thank u and god bless us all. and our march babies of 2011.

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