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Finally styarting to see some sort of regularity returning to my periods! Been crazy since i took my NuvaRing out 6 months ago, like 35,43, 29 days, but past two months they have been exactly 28 days, and can even start to pinpoint when i'm ovulating.
SO hoping now my periods are getting normal again, pregnancy wont be too far off!! Can't believe how stressful this is, i'm only 20, i thought this would just happen!

Oh well, i think this is a good sign, just gotta try!! Fingers are crossed for me, and every other Woman going through difficulty TTC!! :-)

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1351369 tn?1294831629
by tsie, Jul 13, 2010
regular periods r definitely a good sign.i was on norplant for 10months,removed in march.during bc i neva had af.after removal got my first period.3 cycles later i get a faint bfp.expecting af today.will see wat happens.
if it happened for me,it will happen for you.
God bless and bd as as poss!.it helps

1326003 tn?1321659408
by tacey286, Jul 14, 2010
Oh wow!! Good luck :-) let us no how it goes!

1326003 tn?1321659408
by tacey286, Jul 17, 2010
EDIT to this jornal entry... i stuffed up, i dont have  28 day cycle, it's actually 35 days... is that bad?? i've heard if its that long you may not ovulate.. ive been checking cm and cervical position and im pretty damn sure i ovulated this and last month... but i'm so worried i might not be!!!! ahhh

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