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Hives - ARGH!

Aug 10, 2008 - 3 comments

Hashimoto's thyroiditis



Well I have been battling hives for about three weeks now.  I am assuming it is from my hypothyroid and hashimoto's thyroiditis but it keeps getting worse.  Allegra two times a day does not seem to be doing a darn thing.  The itching is driving me insane as I can focus on nothing else!

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by Becky372, Aug 11, 2008
Hi, I don't know if this will help or not, but I have been getting hives for over 15 years now and the dr don't seem to know why. It seems to be mostly in the cold weather or wind or's stupid, anyhow the only thing that seems to help me is reactine. Sorry to hear and good luck

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by Lyn1958, Aug 11, 2008
Hi.  I suffered from hives, off and on for around 10 years until it got to a point where 8 months day and night I couldn't even wear clothes because soon as anthing would touch my skin the huge white welts surrounded by red would appear before my eyes, spread, join up to the point where my eyes were swollen, huge fat lips, couldn't breath properly and of course, couldn't work to pay my bills.  Doctors and specialists had no idea.  Had all the allergy tests done to no avail.  I was so itchy I use to scratch myself with my hair brush to the point where I would bleed and still be itchy.  In sheer desperation I started cutting foods etc. out of my diet.  The first thing I cut out was my staple lunchtime diet since a child.  My favourite.  We call it in Australia, Peanut Paste, USA Peanut Butter.  After around 5 days the hives started easing off.  Couldn't believe it!  My body had decided after all those years, it had had enough of peanut oil!!  That was 15 years ago.  I still LOVE the smell of peanut butter but will never be able to touch it again.  I have to check with restaurants and fast food outlets if they use peanut oil.  And of course, sate' I cannot eat............along with everything else.  When I told my doctor he was amazed and had 2 other patients with the same problems..............and to his discovery, the same allergy to Peanuts!!   FYI

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by congram, Sep 26, 2008
My son we just found out has cold induced urticaria, or cold induced hives. Which occurs when he is exposed the anything cold. He will get hives, or hands and feet swell up. It can be very life threatening, and he could go into shock. It is actually best to stay away from anything cold as it can make this allergy worse. lips and throat close up.
Ask your Dr. About this. And epi - pen might need to be given if this allergy hits a bad point.
Swimming is out of the question unless medication is give prior, and even so it could make the allergy worse. So our son would need to swim in a heated pool.
Check out the name and see if it refers to what you have.
Our son reacts with white / pink hives with some red around them. Hands and feet swell up being a pink color.


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