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Jul 15, 2010 - 1 comments

Visited my new neuro yesterday, very helpful chap he was too. He thinks I have benign myoclonus which is good at least it looks like things won't get worse than they already are.
He confirmed spinal myoclonus and tremors in both legs, he has decided to take me off clonazepam and try Keppra so I will be interested to know anyones experiences with Keppra, I shall be weaning off clonazepam slowly whilst starting with Keppra, I feel like a Zombie most days with clonazepam so I am hoping Keppra won't be as sedating.
I am to have an EEG, I had one a couple of years ago but I wasn't jerking alot so he has told me to have a new one and as my jerks can be triggered by noise and touch (they also come for no reason whatsoever) he has told me to get the jerks going while having EEG.
Seeing him again in 4 months time by then he should have my notes from my old neuro... who by the way is an obnoxious son of a b, I am so glad I don't have to see him again.

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by ohsusan, Apr 25, 2014
This msg comes very late, by now you know Keppra has many side effects that may not be reversible...hope your off Keppra.

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