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Jul 15, 2010 - 8 comments


I'm home after being on vacation for the last week. I was very diligent with taking my temps and keeping track of my cycle. I went in for bloods just before leaving on cycle day 3, and was anxious to find out where my FSH level was. I called the Dr. on Tuesday and found out it was 6.4 and was told that this is a good level, well within the normal range. I was very happy to hear this and it helped me to stop worrying so much about my age and fertility. I'm relieved and can stay more positive in this process!! I have a good feeling about this cycle.

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1217293 tn?1467354344
by Risa615, Jul 15, 2010
WOW, 6.4 is great!  I am happy for you!!! Yep, we are on 2ww together!  Sherri is joining us too!  

1310814 tn?1310654901
by mamamia40, Jul 15, 2010
Thank you Risa! I was so concerned about it since I've been hearing and reading so much of high FSH levels, especially after 40. My Dr. told me he wasn't at all concerned about me being fertile, and said he believes it will happen, it's just a matter of time. I insisted on getting my FSH checked anyways and he was very accommodating and happy to help ease my mind. I was able to go in on cycle day 3, the day before I left for vacation, so I was happy about the timing. It's such a big weight lifted off my shoulders not to have to worry about it!

It looks like there are several of us gals here that are starting the TWW together!  

1217293 tn?1467354344
by Risa615, Jul 15, 2010
You are in the clear for FSH.  What other things are you doing?  I found this natural clomid receipt on the web, one baby aspirin & B6 in morning and B50 at night.  The B50 makes your pee really yellow, but other than that, it is supposed to help follicles grow.  Well, it worked this cycle because I have two follicles, one a good size, early.  I am also taking wheat grass pills, macaroot, fish oil, vitamin E and vitex.   The fish oil, wheat grass, and vitamin E are supposed to help my high FSH.  I had an IUI today, and my fertility monitor still has peak, so hopefully this is my cycle!

By the way, your daughter's picture is really nice!  I hope you give her a sibling soon!!


1310814 tn?1310654901
by mamamia40, Jul 15, 2010
Thank you! I hope to give her a sibling as well!

Well, I take prenatal vitamins with folic acid, Calcim plus D, extra vitamin D, and omega 3 fish oil. I recently took several shots of fresh, raw, natural wheat grass and am thinking about getting the pills, but have not done it regularly. My diet consists of lots of greens, (I love spinach!), lots of colorful vegetables, every fruit imaginable, I eat blueberries by the handful everyday! (I love all fruit), and protein (fish, mainly salmon, chicken, and  greek yogurt). I try to eat only whole wheat and whole grains, and stay away from the white starches. I eat Kashi oatmeal which is high in fiber and protein. I drink lots of water, and green tea. I try to stay with natural foods, and stay away from highly processed foods, however, I have a major sweet tooth and I do treat myself to sweets!  I love ice cream! I mainly just try to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and try not to stress too much!

It sounds like you are doing everything you can to help your FSH. How high is it? I'm happy to hear you had 2 follicles, and early! That must be a good sign! Where do you get B50?  What do macaroot and vitex do?

922048 tn?1387942584
by Sherri90049, Jul 15, 2010
That's so great about your FSH! You have an amazing diet and you take excellent care of your body! So it's not surprising your FSH was good! As healthy as you eat, there isn't that much need for supplements! :) But they certainly don't hurt anything! Can only increase your chances! The maca and Vitex are adaptogens which help to balance your hormones. I especially like the maca because it helps my confused thyroid. (I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and am a bit hypothyroid.) I'm going to have to look into the B50. I hadn't heard of it. Sounds good, though! Something that helps follies grow! I like that! Oh, I also heard recently of myoinositol, which is found in follicular fluid. I read a study that found that the higher the levels of myoinositol in the follicular fluid, the better quality of the eggs.

Praying for a BFP for all 3 of us this cycle!

:) Sherri

1217293 tn?1467354344
by Risa615, Jul 15, 2010

Here is the link, but I have posted the info below.

Vitex/B6 Fertility Recipe

Our community has used variations of these herbal fertility recipes for years. They use vitex which has been billed as 'the natural Clomid' for quite awhile. Vitex/Chasteberry can be found at health food stores and other places that sell supplements. You can also order it along with B6 through and help our community (see below). We receive a small portion of proceeds if items are ordered through our links. Don't let this figure into your decision to use this mixture however; if you have decided to use it on your own, we can always use the support.

Navigate this page:

*** Recipe #1 ***

Take Whole Cycle:
1 Prenatal Vitamin icon Daily
1 Baby Aspirinicon Daily
1 50 mg B6 Vitamin icon in the morning.
1 B-50 Complex icon in the evening

From Cycle Day 1 until Ovulation:
Two Vitex, 500mg Capsulesicon in the morning
Two Vitex, 500mg Capsulesicon in the evening

From End of Period until Ovulation:

Robitussin:icon:full strength as if you have a bad cough. Label Directions: adults and children 12 years and over, 2-4 teaspoonsfuls every 4 hours. Do not take more than 6 doses in any 24 hour period. Consult label for accuracy, warnings, and ingredients. Active ingredient: Guaifenesin ONLY, do NOT get any type with other active ingredients or letters such as Robitussin DM or Robitussin CF.

*** Recipe #2 ***

Take Whole cycle:

1 Prenatal Vitaminicon Daily
1 B6 100mg Vitaminicon 2-3 times a day. Start with twice a day and can take up to 300mg. Only take as much as YOUR body needs to produce good quality mucus.

1 B-50 Complex, Timed Release Tableticon, once a day.
1 Baby Aspirinicon, once a day.

Cycle Day 5 until Period Shows or Confirmed Pregnant:

1 Vitex 500mg Capsuleicon 2-3 times a day with meals or a glass of water. Suggest starting at twice a day and going up if needed.

Around Ovulation

Robitussinicon: Use label directions on your bottle if possible. Label Directions: adults and children 12 years and over, 2-4 teaspoons full every 4 hours. Do not take more than 6 doses in any 24 hour period. Consult label for accuracy, warnings and ingredients. Active ingredient: Guaifenesin ONLY, do NOT get any type with other active ingredients or letters such as Robitussin DM or Robitussin CF.

CD1-5 Stop vitex and let body rest and use the herbs already taken.

Notes: Recipe #1 and Recipe #2 have both resulted in happy healthy babies. Recipe #2 is a little more controversial than #1 in that it includes vitex until pregnant and it includes a higher dose of B6. Be informed regardless of which one you use.

Vitex Information - Vitex has been used holistically for many years to balance the female hormones of estrogen and progesterone. It eases symptoms of PMS, menopause, perimenopause, and menstruation. It has been reported to aid fertility in women by increasing progesterone in particular. Many women suffering from LPD (luteal phase defect) may gain particular benefit. Members have reported reduction in breast tenderness and acne while on vitex.

Vitex Dosage - Dosages are included in each recipe. If you have a different brand or potency, please refer to the label directions.

Things to Avoid: Do not take vitex with clomid or any other fertility drug. They can counteract each other.

When to Take Vitex - There are two schools of thought about taking vitex. One says to not take it during pregnancy so vitex is stopped at ovulation. The other theory says that vitex needs to build up in your system to really work and stopping at ovulation doesn't allow it to build up enough to work. So, vitex is stopped when there is a positive HPT. Our members have reported both methods as working and some of those beautiful children are the result of their mommies using one of these recipes. Be informed about your choice.

Possible Side Effects: While many sources report no side effects with vitex we have heard a few things on our forums.

Headaches - Some have reported headaches that disappeared when vitex was stopped.

Cysts - Some have reported an increase in ovarian cysts. This makes sense as clomid also can potentially cause cysts.

B6 Information:

B6 is taken to help improve mucus quality and quantity. It is safe to take B6 as it is a water soluble vitamin and passes through your system. Some people have experienced numbness or tingling of the hands or arms while on higher doses. If you experience this, stop taking B6 or lower your dosage to something you can tolerate.

B Complex:

B Compex is taken to aid in the absorption of B6 and the two should be taken together. Taking a timed release B complex also gives benefits throughout the day.


Robitussin is taken to help with mucus quality. It thins out the mucus in the body, making it easier for the sperm to travel. Some women like to take robi all cycle long and some only take around ovulation. This is a matter of preference and how you think your body reacts to it.

Prenatal Vitamin:

Prenatal vitamins can be obtained through a prescription or purchased over the counter wherever vitamins are sold. Prenatal vitamins are a good choice when trying to conceive because they have folic acid which has been proven to prevent certain birth defects. Prenatals also have a variety of other vitamins that are a good idea when trying to conceive.

Baby Aspirin:

Baby Aspirin is a good idea for any woman trying to conceive or not. It has been shown to have heart healthy effects over a lifetime and is recommended by many doctors. It has a slight blood thinning effect. Many women who have had repeated miscarriages have taken baby aspirin when ttc. There has been a link in recent years to blood clotting disorders and miscarriage. Most doctors seem to think it can't hurt when trying to conceive.

Shopping Resources:

We offer the following items in support of our site. They are items we think you will purchase while trying to conceive. A small portion of the proceeds goes to Womens-Place.

1310814 tn?1310654901
by mamamia40, Jul 16, 2010
Thanks Sherri, I agree, the supplements can't hurt any! I had never heard of the B50 either, but it sounds great if it helps follies grow! I have never heard of myoinositol either, but if it helps the quality of eggs, it sounds well worth looking into! Where do you get that? Is it also a supplement in pill form or is it something else?
Sorry to hear of your Hashimoto's Thyroiditis...It sounds like you are really on track this cycle and things look very promising! I hope we all get our BFP's this month! Would'nt that be great?!

1310814 tn?1310654901
by mamamia40, Jul 16, 2010
Risa, I'm so amazed at the plethora of information! WOW! Thanks for all the recipes and information on all the different vitamins and supplements! My hope was to TTC as naturally as possible for the first several months, and then slowly and gradually implement more of the supplements and recipes. I know time is of the essence though, right! Thanks for the link and info. At times I get overwhelmed by it all, but it's nice to be able to come here for answers and information. After all, knowledge is power! Thanks for everything!

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