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Jul 15, 2010 - 5 comments

Hey all! So today was my doctor's appt and chandler's heartbeat was 143bpm then i got my u/s about 30 mins later. Chandler is in position and ready to come out at any time! They measured my fluid, his legs, arms, head and everything looks good!! His u/s is measuring on time i think it's his positioning and his legs being all over the place that makes me seem bigger although i am huge! Alllll belly! Lol. I'm extremely happy about his measurements being on tme because i was so worried about him coming this month especially since i'm not prepared but so far so good! My next 2 week apt is on the 29th then i go every week thereafter! I can't believe i only have 6 weeks to go and i'll upload the pics from the u/s tomorrow or sat at the latest, i promise! ALSO FORGOT TO ADD HE WEIGHS 5LBS!!

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1083673 tn?1388888638
by Tiffiepooh, Jul 15, 2010
Well I am glad that everything went ok and that he is measuring like he is supposed to. I cant believe that you are so close to having your little boy. I am so very jealous of you though I know I shouldnt be. I cant help it though natural thing I think till I get to see my own little girl.

1173196 tn?1292916490
by KarenDiane, Jul 16, 2010
That's great news! It's so wonderful to see our little ones.

796506 tn?1370188305
by nickieb85, Jul 16, 2010
YAY! I am so psyched for you! Sometimes with long legs you can measure a bit over =) Glad to hear he only weighs 5 pounds and hopefully you won't be pushing out a monster baby!!!!  Can't wait to see the pics!

1150389 tn?1295559187
by TRENIECE, Jul 16, 2010
Tiffie- the time will fly by sooner than you think, i can't believe it's almost time for all of us though! It's coming up so fast.     Thanks karen! Nickie- yes he has long legs, he got complimented on how pretty his legs were too! Lol it was funny. So far he's only 5lbs and my doc said they gain about 1/2lb each week so if we stick to that he'll be about 8lbs by his due date, i can deal with that ;) lol

933846 tn?1353452448
by Ready_4_Baby_2, Jul 28, 2010
Im so late but everything sounds great!

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