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Timmy 18.11.16

Nov 18, 2016 - 14 comments

As some of you know I have been helping cleanup some of our feral cat population here in our small neighborhood this summer/fall. Other ladies did most of the live trapping but I was able to help with some. All told we saved 23 kittens and moms from the streets before winter set in, I did most of the fostering. At one point had 12 extras living here besides my own 4. They were never in contact with my own, I had large crates set up in the garage and later full rooms in the basement so they could run, after they became less wild....yes these were all very scared and WILD kittens at first, full  Ferals

I had an extremely busy 2 months, many of the kittens brought in were ill, so had to be isolated not only from my own but from healthy ones from separate colonies too. They needed Vet checks and medications for URI's. Some on oral antibiotics and some on antibiotic eye drops, some both. One kitten was so congested he needed steaming. So my alarm was set every 6/8 & 12 hours, different times for meds on different kitties, I'd barely fall asleep when another alarm would ring it seemed

Than there was the litter and crate cleanings 2-3 x's a day, remember wild cats aren't used to litter boxes and food dishes. Also hour upon hour of socializing....getting them accustomed to me, than slowly getting them so I could stroke and than handle them.....should have seen the scratches and bite bruises up and down my arms, even my neck!

When I got them to trust me and were easier to handle I moved them around into basement rooms so they could run and learn to play...god talk about cute :) I fell in love with each and everyone of them
When they became socialized homes or rescue organizations took them all from me, one or two at a time...I cried over each goodbye and even got pretty deeply depressed over a couple special ones....two little tuxedo girls that I wanted to adopt so badly. Darby and Dixie. But you see there was Timmy yet

Timmy was a small barely 5 week old baby who we couldn't trap when his mom and siblings were caught in mid Sept. He took us another 3 full days to get him, he was hungry, dehydrated and beyond wild by this time. Even long after his family was tame enough to have a basement room, Timmy would hide each time I entered, he wouldn't even come out to play with the others while I sat with them, he'd sneak out and inhale mouthfuls of the canned food I'd bring each quickly he'd often vomit afterwards.

When I was down to just the 3 fosters(end of Oct) Darby, Dixie and Timmy, I moved them upstairs to a spare bedroom. Stairs are very hard on me and going up and down them 5-6x's a day was getting more difficult. Still Timmy would hide, I began leaving bedroom door open so my cats and the babies by this time all became friends, the little girls would scamper in an out of that room running all over the house just having a ball, Timmy wouldn't leave his safety zone.

Decision time, I could no way keep 3, not realistically even 2. So the girls had to go into the adoption program...I don't know when I have ever cried that hard and the depression that followed was alarming, I loved them both so much. I was somewhat happier to learn they found forever homes within a couple days :)   Timmy stayed with me, he needed me more.

Today two weeks later, he has been venturing out of his safe room, he does run and play especially with my younger cats Tori and Abby....he has finally grown a bit, not such a runt anymore. He still frightens easily at every loud noise even on the TV, at every sudden footstep or quick movement but he will now come up to me for hugs when I'm sitting or laying down
He is a quiet and gentle little soul, maybe not my first choice but the one who needed me the most...he has a permanent home with us, where he'll be loved and grow to his full potential....a long journey for a formerly wild feral baby. Hard to get a good photo of but I will load the one I snapped tonight so check my pics out....

Nite from Me, Nemo, Sami, Tori, Abby and baby Timmy :)

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874521 tn?1424116797
by opus88, Nov 18, 2016
Surprise...MH has gone mobile but yet I cannot upload a photo from an iOS device?? Will have to figure out another way...will post his photo asap

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Nov 19, 2016
I truly believe their are angels that walk amongst us and you my friend are one of them~

Love and hugs to you and your fur babies~

242912 tn?1660619837
by Jade59, Nov 19, 2016
I love this journal.  I know how poorly you feel yet you do so much for the sake of those poor ferals.  Like I told you before, your heart is bigger than your pain.  I think you are Amazing.  

I hope you'll be able to eventually upload a photo of Timmy.  You shared one with me recently, but they change and grow so fast.  And yes, he needed you most.  

p.s. You're way ahead of me honey, I don't know what an iOS device IS.  I'll google :)


134578 tn?1642048000
by AnnieBrooke, Nov 20, 2016
What a story.  Timmy is the lucky one, but we who nurture are so lucky too.

874521 tn?1424116797
by opus88, Nov 20, 2016
thank you for all the kind words ladies....still haven't figured out how to load a photo anymore? is it because I am trying to from my iphone and not one stored on my computer? I don't know, nothing remarkable about his photo anyway, he is all black....hard to photograph.

I'm no angel Sara,nor am I amazing Jade... I just have a weak spot for animals....maybe a weak spot in the head
yes Annieb that does make me one of the lucky ones, for animals give as much as they receive as you know...:)

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Nov 20, 2016
You are an angel in my world so there!!

I wish i could help you with downloading that pic but i havent a clue either!!

874521 tn?1424116797
by opus88, Nov 21, 2016
And you in mine Sara!!

Pictures of Timmy now up :)

7052683 tn?1392938795
by CML2014, Nov 23, 2016
What a wonderful story! You are to be commended on your stamina. I am sixty five and two kittens tire me out. You took on quite a job with feral kittens. They are the hardest ever and take really special  know-how and patience....which I might add is exactly why you got them.  I think Timmy is the little grey one  What a joy it will be to watch him thrive and grow to be your loving little man

Fostering is one thing I could not do for the reason you mentioned....letting go. Timmy did need you more---you did a good thing ,Opus. His devotion and love will prove that.

Thank you for being that very special kind soul we need for those less fortunate creature. God will bless you. You get what you give!!

874521 tn?1424116797
by opus88, Nov 23, 2016
Soooo nice to see you posting CML, we all miss you here!!! And many thx for the kind words. No the grey kitty is Abby that photo was taken last summer, found her on a doorstep. My mistake I had the new photos of Timmy on private, that's now been fixed and he's visible...he's all black with gorgeous yellow eyes

Btw my stamina is near zero....I'm 66 lol. Every drop of my energy went to those babies, so now having only my 5 seems like a walk in the

I'm alone other than them, so I need them as much as they need me :) Don't think I can go through all that again, goodbyes are just too hard, but than hearing of starving kittens rips my heart out too


740516 tn?1360942486
by AppleBr, Nov 25, 2016
Hey , what a great news! Lots of babies/cats saved and a little kitten of your own...
Welcome Timmy! Good Work, Opus and co...
Btw - you can do -  we can  do .Im always talking about quiting the adoption fair but cats just can let us give up...

740516 tn?1360942486
by AppleBr, Nov 25, 2016

874521 tn?1424116797
by opus88, Nov 25, 2016
yes Apple we all can do!!! its so rewarding to know a life or more has been saved....he is beautiful just like your girls :)

740516 tn?1360942486
by AppleBr, Dec 02, 2016
I miss the time mines were just small kittens - and Lolo did all the work ...

517872 tn?1623105664
by real_jimmy, Oct 01, 2018

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