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U/S results.

Jul 16, 2010 - 0 comments

I have had my first u/s and my first appointment with my midwife and all is well at this time.  THe u/s tech said that the baby was measuring 8weeks and 2 days and that my due date would remain the same so it is Feb 21st, 2011.
The baby's heartbeat was 158 bpm and everything that should be there was.  I was very nervous going in and I actually couldn't see the flicker right away and and thought for sure that this baby wasn't ok but then the tech reassured me and told me to look carefully where she was pointing and there was the flicker that we needed to see.  This baby has a new nickname...cashew because that is what she called it.  I'm going to shorten the name to cash and baby Cash is doing well right now and I am praying that this is a healthy baby that keeps on growing and developing until it's due.

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