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My Brother

Jul 17, 2010 - 3 comments






Bro is in town with his wife. I am struck with this truth. While your parents can naturally give you unconditional love, your siblings must choose to do so. I thought blood was thinker than water but maybe blood is just blood. I thought DNA was a bond, but maybe it is just a trait. Ahh another of my foolish romantic beliefs goes down in flames.

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535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Jul 17, 2010
awwww just families we all have em . I get sibling rivalry gone bananas ..figure that one out LOL

296076 tn?1371338074
by melimeli, Jul 17, 2010
you don't get to pick your family.. I have 2 brothers one I see only a couple of times a year at family stuff even though he lives 20 min away the other I haven't spoken to for 10 years (good reason) once my parents are gone I don't think I will see any of my family.. that is why I am trying hard to create a strong bond between my 3 girls...

1354737 tn?1280017619
by CathRN100, Jul 24, 2010
Hey I was wondering if you got any answers about your dad with his anger and hallucinations? My father is a little like that,. not that it happened overnight, mom's did because of a stoke. But my dad has always been mean to me. Until I got married , moved away, went to college, had a baby, etc. Now he is acting like I am the same person who did crazy things as an adolescent and that everyone else in my family is perfect. He is even accusng me of killing my mom when I had left my family 250 miles away to move on with them and rehabilitate mom from  her stoke. I went by the book being an RN, and she was a new person in two years, no one would believe she ever had a stroke. So dad got rid of me, now that he could handle her.
But my sisters came in and took over, made him believe I'm still that bad girl (was never that bad anyway) just the first cause I'm the oldest. He took away my being the executor of his estate, gave my other sister power of attorney, bought my brother a house, the other one a brand new truck. me nothing. I never let him give me anything while i was there because I just said deduct it from the price of the house, which were words he had been saying for a long time.
Now the house is practically bare, he still will trick me by calling my son and he'll give me the phone not letting me know it's my dad but knowing he's going to emotionally kick the **** out of me. I'm just intested in what the doctors discovered about your dad. Might help me figure some things out. Thanks..Cathy Wilson (CathRN)

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