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Went out

Jul 13, 2010 - 2 comments

Had to go out, very dry and drank more than limit.  also, yogurt isn't agreeing with me- coughing from it and gut trouble.  Feel very ill.  

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by Chenaya, Dec 03, 2010
Sounds like you are lactose intolerant then. The lipomas issue is new to me also. It sounds more like you may have Dercum's Disease, also known as Adiposa Dolorosa, if you have pain in your body, all over, particularly in the fatty lumps. Go to MDJunction and type in Dercum's Disease. Cheers, Nicola

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by cecropia, Dec 04, 2010
Dear Nicola,

Thank you for your note and your concern!

Yes, I do have Dercum's disease [Madelung's Disease, Bilateral symmetrical Lipomatosis] but am not painful all over, thank God, and also lactose intolerance.  But, I can manage small amounts of yogurt generally, but I  was eating a half cup which was too much.  

I am doing better now that it is cooler and my kidney function went up from 18% to 31% now but I was 10 lbs heavier- fluid in legs.  The nephrologist does not know the cause of my kidney failure, but it was not diabetes, sarcoidosis or cancer.  So, I am to continue as is, but at least dialysis isn't in my immediate future.  

I hope that you are having a wonderful day...



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