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Jul 16, 2010 - 1 comments

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by bridgeovertroubledwater, Dec 02, 2010
Hi there,  thanks for adding me as a friend.  I just found out that I require surgery because of the cyst on my ovary.  I saw the gynecologist yesterday and he had the results from the second ultrasound that was done last week.  I had to tell him that I was so full that the technician doing the ultrasound had me go relieve myself and I came back and she tried looking at the ovaries vaginally and said that my bladder was still full, so she went back to the belly scanning and could see fairly well.  Then she had me go empty my bladder for the second time and I was surprised that I actually could do this and I came back and she goes back the vaginal way and again says that my bladder is still full.  I told this to Dr. Casciola the gynecologist and with this surgery I am having done to remove both ovaries and fallopian tubes he is going to lift the kidneys and check the bladder and I guess if surgery is needed on the bladder do it at the same time.  The reason for the surgery is that I am post-menopausal and the cyst has become solid and it could be cancerous, so they want to remove it as soon as possible.  They are booking the surgery in 4-6 weeks and it will be done laproscopically, until he mentioned that he may need to do a 10cm incision below where I had my C-sections and partial hysterectomy.  This way he will be able to clean out all the scar tissue from this area.  I had said to him will this possibly help with the tailbone pain that I've been feeling, cause you see I also had back surgery years ago and there probably is a considerable amount of scar tissue back there as well.  I hope it's possible for him to clear out this scar tissue as well.  Dr. Casciola said that this surgery would not help me feel any better, meaning that hormonally there will be no difference, however I hope that it will get rid of the abdominal discomfort and gas and bloating feeling and possibly the low back tail bone pain as well.  He can't say this, but he did say you could have a bag after this surgery and this is just warning me of the worst case possible scenario as I mentioned to him that I was advised of this when I had my second back surgery cause it basically was an exploritory, as when they went into my back they found nothing so they shot in cortisone and closed me up.  The doctors went in the wrong way.  At that time in my life at age 22 after my second child was born I had endometriosis and everyone just assumed that my back was acting up.  What a medical system eh!  I had a grandmother who died from ovarian cancer so this is another reason to remove the old plumbing cause it's no longer needed.  Let me know how you're doing and I maybe able to shed some light on things for you.  I do hope you're managing alright.  You're young to have these kinds of issues.  Talk to you later.  Take care of yourself.  

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