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My beautiful six year old boy.

Jul 18, 2010 - 3 comments

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134578 tn?1602101550
by AnnieBrooke, Jul 18, 2010
What a charming film.  And he can carry a tune!  No wonder you want another child.  :)

127529 tn?1331840780
by mum2beagain, Jul 18, 2010
Thanks Brooke, he really is a special child and for the skills he lacks in some area's he more than makes up for in others. When we first realized that he had learnt this song by heart and sang it for us we cried!

134578 tn?1602101550
by AnnieBrooke, Jul 19, 2010
A lot to learn, even for a 6-year old.  It's a poignant song when sung by a child.

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