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TEAK thank you

Jul 19, 2010 - 1 comments



HIV Prevention

always on medhelp specially hiv forum we all run for a person named teak the expert the one with answers and always the right answers many people thank him for what he does but i never saw any journal for him so we can all say a big thank you to him . more than 40000 posts which is more than 40000 people and and more thousands get help from his answers before asking their question teak thank u for ur time to help others be safe thank you for being a paramedic to help people u spent ur life helping people and being there and no one forced u to do that i always with like many others to meet u in person and to know more about u as a human beings we all need help and u are the one helping us i pray for god that u have people near u to help you and to be there for u like u do for thousands and thousands of people and we all pray for u living the best life and most fruitfull teak agian thank u with all our hearts and minds be sure god is gonna be there for  u and i know u do what u do not for a thank u but from the kind soul u have
we all love u

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by paul12345, Feb 20, 2011
thanks Teak

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