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i'm here once again

Aug 11, 2008 - 1 comments

I'll tell you guys a little about me,and where most of my problems and worrys come from. Well to start i grew up skateboarding, got pretty good then i started smoking pot,skating became harder then i got lazy and quit. Graduated highschool then started doing coke, took a year off before college, a college i never got to. i started working from job to job. then i tryed meth did that hardcore for about 2 years(smoking it) in the mist of that @ the time my little brother committed suscide that tore me up considering that when i found out i was coming off a 3 day binge. i arrive home parents are crying my dad tells me , then shorty after mins passed my grandma tells me "we thought you were going to be the one" words that are burned into my skull. I got arrested w/ pot and went to jail for a week(which is long for an outsider) after getting out, i tryed to make by, but it was so Hard. Going back to meth i went, then i got popped w/ that(thank God for a diversion) i went on probation for about 2 years, after that i met my wife.....tune in tomorrow i'm finally getting tired thanks for reading

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by needguidance49, Aug 12, 2008
Your story isn't the same as mine but similar in many ways. Again, if you were taking high doses of benzos you have to get to a county ER. They have medical indigent programs so you do not have to pay. You just have to show you can't afford it. Tell them up front what is going on and that you need help tapering off of the benzos. Even if they can give you some so you can go elsewhere and find a doc that can help you do it right. Don't be rude about showing them the Ashton Manual. Just ask them kindly to look at it and tell them to Google Ashton manual and look at the taper schedules and ask if they can help you. Most of them are not educated on what they are prescribing. Tell them you need a certain amount. They can figure it out by the schedule and your wife will have to give them to you when you need them.

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