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256 days to go.

Jul 20, 2010 - 2 comments

im fat!

i have 256 days to go! i am so excited! just cant wait to see my baby. i already got the names for the boy or girl. the fact is, i want a boy! i love it when a baby has a penis! they stick to their little legs. i also hope for twins. i am not putting pictures of my baby or babies on here either. i barfed all night,my toenail came off, my boyfriend came back, i had to work today,im tired,my boyfriend is picking at his penis, and i am gonna say, i want to get this thing out of me. for a fact, if you could see me, i am half of a stack of pillows size! i cant sleep anymore and all i want to do is BARF! my boyfriend wont even let me watch the simpsons. i just really want to DIE! we just moved into our new house (thats why i havent been on in a while) i love it! it has a staircase, 7 bedrooms,huge closets,4 bathrooms (2 are in the 2 rooms!) a big kitchen,a huge backyard, and a party basement. the house is really big! 4 floors too! my boyfriend bought it! i have to have surgery in a couple days and in 3 weeks and 2 days, i find out the baby or babies sex but, in 2 days,(friday) i find out how many there will be coming out my vaginia! well, better go. im getting a little gassey,mylegs hurt, and i am about to barf!

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by nataleighnicole200310, Jul 22, 2010
LOL lies lies lies your funny theres actually women out there who want children & cant an your blatently lying cause at 3 weeks pregnant there is no way you can find out the sex of your baby your gonna have to be atleast 16-20 weeks, your doctor wouldnt give you an early scan either way unless there was something wrong with both you an the baby.

At the age of 17 you dont know alot about kids, pregnancy or parenting do you?

Say no more.

1287618 tn?1282020802
by Mommashelley1, Jul 24, 2010
Sounds to me like your a young boy, whos heard women complain about different prego symptoms, and wanted to go on here and make fun of it. GROW UP!

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