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Want to be stress free

Jul 20, 2010 - 1 comments

I am so happy that I found Sherrie Palm, and am excited to get involved with her cause. My mom is starting to seem a little more positive about her condition, though she is still depressed and it worries me.

I had to postpone my own chiropractor appointment due to working tomorrow. I'm going to reschedule in August after the road trip since I know my back is going to get messed up after sitting in the car for 7 hours. I'm looking forward to having better posture and less pain. I also ordered some yoga books from the library so I'm going to try that out.

I still have to make time for the dentist, the vet (for the cat), and clothes shopping before school starts up again. Still got to finish those two papers for my Master's class too. So much to do!! Why do I always feel like there's always something to do and not enough time to do it in? Wish I could have a mental vacation... haha.

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by sherrieP, Jul 21, 2010
I'm so happy we have connected too, I am hopeful that your mom can get some assistance to get squared away but even more important, I am so glad that she is now a little more positive about her path. Baby steps!!

Sounds like you are swamped, don't forget to take a little time to care for yourself even if it is only closing yourself in a room for 15 minutes to just meditate or deep breath! Get that pleasant visual in your head and just relax into it for a few!


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