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Jul 21, 2010 - 0 comments



endometrial ablation

Had my regular period wk of 7-5-10.  
This was just as heavy as any other of my periods with MY normal clotting (sorry to be so graphic, but I really want to get this all out and documented).  I was just as fatigued as any of my other cycles and just as moody.  In fact, I even asked one of the surgeons I work for to do a hysteretomy on me! Of course it was a joke because he is a General Surgeon and thats not one of the surgeries he's accustom to.

I'd been thinking about it and there was absolutely no way I wanted to go through another period like this and on Wed 7-7-10 I called and made an appointment with by GYN for my annual exam where I figured I would bring up my heavy bleeding.  I was nicely offered the following Friday (7-9-10). I declined due to the fact that I know my periods are at least 7-10 days long and I would still be bleeding.  I dont want to deal with that bloody mess, there was no way I was subjecting someone else to it!

I took the following Friday - July 16th.

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