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Aug 12, 2008 - 5 comments

totally frustrated

Well, It has been literally over a month since I have had a "real" conversation with K (baby's Father). I am finding this more and more difficult on my own. He keeps repeating that "when he gets his paternity test results, he will go from there.."

WTF? And at this point he will have missed the entire pregnancy, put me through total emotional turmoil, and for what? It is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for this child to belong to ANYONE else. It is incredibly frustrating.. Not to mention we live in a tiny town and everyone knows. Eveyone knows we arent together, and I AM SURE they must think I am some sort of tramp due to the fact that K is denying paternity "until he knows." That defames my name and character..  

Plus, financially I am in total disarray. I have NO ONE to help and bills mounding.. I have no idea how the hell I am going to afford just the basic for my baby.. No one is going to throw me a baby shower..

I wish life wasnt so freaking hard.

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by icepop642, Aug 12, 2008
hi hun i was in the same situation nearly 3 years ago now when my partner didnt believe our son was his. we split throghout my pregnancy and it took him 2weeks after he was born to c him. but now we are so happy together and it kills him that he didnt see him being born it really hurts him. as for you being skint hun you can get benefits for you and the baby ur also entitled to £500 maternity grant to but the baby everything he/she needs. how far along are you? what area do you live in? x x take care keep your head up high.xx

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by LauraB78, Aug 12, 2008
We do not get "maternity" anything.. I dont get any paid leave.

I live in the USA, in Massachusetts...

My ex s u c k s!

But thanks for the encouragement. =)

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by mj_mommy_manda, Aug 12, 2008
If you ever need to talk you can vent to me.. Im in pretty much the same situation with my babys dad.. He is dating a 15 year old (he is 20) and denies to her that the baby is his.. Umm I was dating him when I got pregnant and I haven't slept with anyone else in a year and 8 months.. So unless its his its a toilet seat baby.. Which what are the odds of that?? lol He is immature and stupid and like your babys father has been putting me throught ALOT of stress for the past couple weeks.. You probably read about it in my journals.. Just stay strong.. Where does your mom live?? do you have a good relationship with any of your parents or someone in your family?? Im finding that at this time in my life if I didn't have my mom I would not be able to do it.. She has been a HUGE support for me with everything going on with my babys father.. Well you can message me anytime if you need to talk.. I know that you feel abandoned.. That's how I feel too.. Keep your head up, I hope everything starts going in a better direction for you. <3 Amanda

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by Helen72, Aug 13, 2008
I am so sorry your ex is giving you so much grief. You are pregnant and he should know better than put you through so much stress!!!!

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by cure65roses, Aug 31, 2008
I say when you get the results make him pay!!!!   LOL  That will be fun wont it!  On the other hand if he doesn't claim this child then he doesn't deserve to be associated with it huh.  GEEZ just relax and love your baby!  Try not to worry, either if baby's daddy isn't in the picture b/c one day some really great guy is going to jump in and sweep you off your feet and be an incredible daddy even if a step dad.   Good Luck

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