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Holy fish, I wrote another poem

Jul 23, 2010 - 8 comments

I haven't written a poem in soo long.---

The pendulum’s on fire
Time can no longer fly
Ablaze, ablaze
Skies fade gray
The rain falls up
As we go down
Familiar frowns
Lonely smiles
The Ferris wheels glimmer
Solitude seeps into the ground
Ear to ear beams,
A cotton candy grin
I miss being a kid.

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by Dazon50, Jul 23, 2010
I like it :-)))  

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by Dazon50, Jul 24, 2010
I still like it, Dani, and it is a new day :-)))  Keep up the writing.  I know we get busy and I need reminders to.  When the poems flow, it is such a sweet relief to release them, giving them wings to fly.

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by iwouldbdanielle, Jul 24, 2010
Gtfo, nikeshoes. I don't like spam, kthanks.

Thaaaaaank you, Donna! I really appreciate it [:

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by Dazon50, Jul 24, 2010
Meaning every, and I mean "EVERY" word of it :-))  I enjoy popping & stopping by to see how you have creatively expressed yourself :-))  You got the talent and life is giving you experiences to refine it :-))  Your pictures are great!!  Beautiful smile.  I meant to say that your BF made me think of those football brothers that are on different teams & won the Super Bowl different years of!  Mannings, I think.  He looks like he could be a relative!!

Blessings :-)  You made me smile...good descriptions and also says something to make a person "think".

808144 tn?1332724340
by iwouldbdanielle, Jul 24, 2010
Hehe thank you tons!

And Brandon, the guy in my prom pictures, isn't my boyfriend. :P He's a super duper close friend. I went to his senior prom with him because he's the shyest person in school (he was even votest shyest person). He's the biggest dork ever and I don't think he's ever played football in his life. :P

I also do tend to make people think and smile a lot. :D

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by Dazon50, Jul 24, 2010
He looked so sweet and you were beaming in the pictures.  Memory building :-))  What matters is he was there!!!  Doesn't matter that he doesn't play football or is/isn't this/that...what matters is he is who he is becoming :-))

Good for people to smile and think :-))))

808144 tn?1332724340
by iwouldbdanielle, Jul 24, 2010
He is really sweet, he just never ever smiles, or talks. He's one of a kind that Brandon

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