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Funked out Griefed out

Aug 12, 2008 - 1 comments

I am static today.  I woke up early but didn't have the energy or will to get out of bed.  Big pressure on myself to go out on the lake.  I crave going there when it's nice, but instead I l got back into bed. Talked to Mike last n ight thank goodness and we talked for an hour and half which surprised me because he said he's just taked to his other friend.

But he talked the whole time and I was glad of it. I hope he took my advice and stayed home today to rest, but he may need more to try getting back to someing normal.  I only want to sit here at the computer. Want to write notes to his siblings. I want to do that more than just generic cards, but I've got to think of things I'm satisfied with saying.  Therapy tomorrow.  I can make it until then, but I don't think I'm goin to get out. Back to bed in a minute.  Everything is exhausting me. but I'm upset b/c I have so much to do. Ahhhh.

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by headhunterxxx, Aug 15, 2008
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