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Why I Stay on this Forum

Jul 27, 2010 - 5 comments

For who ever cares why I stay on this forum, originally back in 2006, I was just down right scared to death.  I frantically searched the internet seeking answers.  Things moved so fast for me once my very large mass was discovered, all within a 5 day period, I had a CT scan, met with my physican, met with a oncology/gyn, and was being wheeled into surgery to discover my fate.  It was a bit too surreal.  This forum was truly the only forum out there in the cyber world that I found a group of strangers, that answered my questions immediately and seemed to truly care, and they didn't even know me.  After my surgery, and going through several months of chemotherapy, I wanted to put Ovarian Cancer behind me, I wanted to pretend, that it never existed, but I always found myself coming back to this forum and reading through the posts and getting updates on Caring Bridge, shedding tears for members defeats and clapping for their triumphs.  I realized that I can't hide from Ovarian Cancer, it is forever a part of me and maybe someone how, some way, we can make a difference.

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by marie3B, Jul 27, 2010
I left for a while, but was drawn back.  This forum is a big part of why I have made it this far.  I have met, grew to love, and lost some of the best friends I have ever known that I met here.  Marie

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by Jane39, Jul 27, 2010
Here Here Marie.  This is a very special place, and I am certainly glad that I found it. Jane.

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by gah_70, Jul 27, 2010
After I heard about Linda's death on Sunday, my mom asked me if it is a good thing for me to stay on the forum or not since I'd already spent an entire week crying, sad, and depressed.  She asked if maybe I should "move on".  I understand her concern, but that's just another example of how someone who hasn't been in our shoes can never comprehend what it's all about.  Many of us come here month after month and year after year because this is about the only place we have where we can talk about it, compare notes, and not feel like we are speaking a foreign language when we do.  Yeah, we all know this disease takes a lot of wonderful women, and it hurts every time we lose one.  But I wouldn't trade knowing them for anything in the world.


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by ChitChatNine, Jul 27, 2010
I happened upon your journal and wanted to stop by to say that many of us on thyroid feel the very same way ... we have a very special part of us that is compelled to help others ... it's a part of our own healing, accepting, being healthy.   Perhaps, it because of that very day when a doctor gave a diagnosis that changed us forever.  Within hours of learning I needed a thyroid biopsyI found MedHelp, and today I'm a different, better person having been a part of MedHelp.  Gail, you are right -- unless one walks in our shoes (helping others and dealing with our own medical concerns),  they may not really understand what drives us to help others, as we help ourselves.  It's something special we all share and very hard to put into words....

Co-CL Thyroid

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by helenl89, Jul 28, 2010
I so agree, sometimes I can't stand coming back to the board. Especially after the last week. It can be very depressing, but it can be very uplifting too. If I can answer one question, or help one person, it is worth it. Many times I thought I wouldn't make it through and the ladies here were so supportive and were always there when needed. Ladies in away this is our home.                We can scream at each other, get mad and all laugh at each other in the same day. I have never felt closer to a group of people in my entire life. It's difficult to describe the bond we have, but thats what we have a bond of caring

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