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Home Again

Jul 28, 2010 - 0 comments















no work


blurry vision

I am home again did not go to work.  I woke this morning with a raging headache.  My head feels pressurized and I am experiencing blurry vision in my right eye.  I am glad I checked the interactions of tramadol and my migraine medication, NOT good!  

So I drank some coffee, added a 50 mg Tramadol at 11am.  

Embarrassed I did not go to work again.  Although I can barely see right and feel like my head is going to explode.

Going back to bed, wishing the next few weeks would be pass by, can't someone anesthetize me and just put me out until the 14th?  I leave for Seattle then.

On a good note, my doctor's office called yesterday and they are trying to work with the insurance company to get the travel pre-authorization approved.  I explained to my doctor that even though I have to pay out of pocket and it would be a reimbursement it would help so much.  I am glad my doctor is on my side!!!  He rocks... *sigh*

I also felt like late at night that my legs were operating weird.  Heavy and weird.  Hard to explain, like when I walked felt like me controlling some other legs if that makes sense.  Also felt like the top of my head and upper teeth were someoene elses or like I had dentures.  WEIRD!

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