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Blood in Urine? Maybe not

Jul 29, 2010 - 0 comments

blood in urine







I went to the bathroom at night and thought I was not seeing properly as my urine looked pink. I rubbed my eyes hoping it would change but sure enough I was seeing properly. I knew that blood in the urine could be a symptom of kidney stones, infections or even cancer. Before running to the ER I decided to get on MedHelp and look it up. Well I did get a list of infections but also read something else that triggered my memory.

Earlier in the day I had gone to lunch and ordered a Tuna Nicoise. Well the seared tuna was brown and tasted fishy so I opted to get a salad instead. The it was a chicken salad with walnuts and beets and tasted very good.

Well on MedHelp that gross hematuria (when there is sufficient blood in the urine that it is visible to the naked eye) looks similar to what urine looks like after you eat beets!! Since I normally don't eat beets I was unaware of this.

Safe in the knowledge that it was just the beets running their normal course I was able to go to sleep without a trip to the ER.

MedHelp rocks!

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