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Jul 29, 2010 - 12 comments

Hey all! So today was my 36 week appt and Chandler is good! I'm still measuring two weeks ahead but oh well, it doesn't worry me i just have a big baby. I did the strep b test today and get the results next week. I was concerned about him getting out of position byt he didn't he's still there! The pregnancy is going excellent so far minus i'm hot and tired all the time! Lol. I can't believe i hit 36 weeks already though time flew by. I decided to take maternity leave the week before my due date so i can mentally prepapre myself more. Is there even a such thing? Lol. I was doing a little reading on inducing labor not that i want mine to be but just in case they needed to so now i want to know how dangerous is it to the baby? I don't believe in it unless it's medically neccessary but that's my opinion. It's your body and your baby so whatever floats your boat but i would rather wait. Has anyone done it? What are the risks exactly? Pros? Cons? I rather ask someone from experience and if you did i dont think you're a bad person or anything! My bff got induced just because, seriously she went in on her due date and they asked her did she want to have the baby and which day! Lol. So i know they do it without it being a medical emergency. My second question is about the baby dropping? How do you know when they've dropped? Does it feel different? I know Chandler is in position but how low is he supposed to be? My belly button doesn't stick out unless i'm laying down and laughing so not sure if that plays a part like when he drops it will pop out? I also pre-registered at the hospital today, yay!! Lol.

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1083673 tn?1388888638
by Tiffiepooh, Jul 29, 2010
Congrats on reaching 36 weeks. I am so glad that everything is going well with you and your baby. I dont know anything about induction so I cant comment on that. I think when the baby drops you can more easily breath and eat. Thats what everyone has told me. I am going to my next appointment Wednesday and I hope to find out when I get the ultrasound my Ob promised me and see if I am measuring ahead. Nickie thinks that I look like I am 31 or 32 weeks rather than just 30. I dont know if its true but I like the idea of being farther along.

1173196 tn?1292916490
by KarenDiane, Jul 29, 2010
Sounds like you are getting prepared! I was induced with all 3 so far. Different reasons for each, but all medically neccesary. Skyrocketing BP with my daughter, 10 days past due with my first son and they induced me with my second son because he was nearly 10 lbs and we didn't want a broken collarbone like we had with our first son. Some people will tell you that there is a greater chance of needing a c-section if you are induced. That hasn't been my experience. I don't know if there are any risks to the baby, unless they do it too early. My babies didn't have any ill effects from the inductions. I would say that the cons are  - you are hooked up to an IV and monitors the entire time so you can't move around much. Pitocin can send you into hard labor pretty quickly so it can be a little overwhelming and if it happens too fast, you don't have time for an epidural. As for dropping, I never dropped with any of my kids so I can't help you there. People say your belly literally drops so you might see it. Good Luck!

1150389 tn?1295559187
by TRENIECE, Jul 30, 2010
@tiffiepoo: that would be awesome if your baby was measuring early, from what i noticed they always do an u/s around your 30 week mark. The measuring early thing scared me at first cause i thought it meant he would come early but it can mean so many things. I know mine means my baby is about to be big lol. @karendiane: thanks for sharing your experience and how did the baby's collarbone break? :( i read (i'm always reading lol) something about the hips breaking when coming out. I wanted to do a c-sec if the baby was more than 10lbs although i doubt they grant me one. I need to go over MY labor plans with my doc. I say my plans cause i know the baby always has his own plans lol.

1173196 tn?1292916490
by KarenDiane, Jul 30, 2010
My son's collarbone broke because his shoulders were too wide to fit through the birth canal. I just kept pushing and his collarbone snapped as he came out. Sometimes they will break the collarbone if the mother can't push him through. It's just because he was so big (10 - 3) and really broad. He's still built like a linebacker :)

1150389 tn?1295559187
by TRENIECE, Jul 31, 2010
Oh wow! Does it hurt the baby when they have to do that or when it happens?

1173196 tn?1292916490
by KarenDiane, Jul 31, 2010
Really, he didn't seem to notice. I had to keep his arm tucked against his side for 2 weeks but otherwise it wasn't a big deal.

419158 tn?1316571604
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jul 31, 2010
WOW I havent been keeping up! I cant believe your 36 weeks already! I have to get off the computer right now but OMG! Time does fly!

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by jschoch8, Jul 31, 2010
Ive been DVRing "the baby story" just so i can see all different outcomes and such with birth (also my doctor has been on 110 times!). ive come to the conclusion that i want to do ANYTHING I can not to use pitocin (which is a cow hormone that brings on stronger and more frequent contractions than a human). EVERY time there is a drop in heart rate with the baby, the mother was getting a pitocin drip. I know some times it might be considered necessary in different situtions. I think if I go a week late or so I might consider being induced, but would probably go the breaking of the water route first. It just scares me, but its really hard to plan everything with labor and delivery.  Good luck with everything, its starting to get excitingB !:)

796506 tn?1370188305
by nickieb85, Jul 31, 2010
I had pitocin with my first son (he was face up instead of face down and had a HUGE HEAD) and his heart rate never dropped once. You can't believe everything you see on TV or hear the horror stories of labor... I have never met any woman who has had a pleasant first labor (especially if you had no pain meds like I did!) I think that if you are overdue or there is a medical reasoning for the baby/mother than inductions can be okay! I am just thankful that iI have never had to be induced!

317019 tn?1532965586
by waitn838, Jul 31, 2010
i had to be induced with my son 6 years ago...i was past my due date and my water ended up breaked but no contractions...i went to the hospital and confirmed my water broke and the countdown began to deliver my son because of the risk of infection...they started me on pitocin right away

i went from no contractions to 5 min apart....very painful but honestly i have nothing to compare it to because it was my first birth...

i have no clue what to expect this time just hoping not to got past my due date but who knows....i may have to be induced again because im taking blood thinners this time

733930 tn?1286571409
by BradyAm, Jul 31, 2010
hey chickie! i was also induced with pitocin on my due date like ur friend becauae i was just in too much pain and discomfort. Britton dropped at 36 weeks and i worked (on my feet) until i was 39 weeks. u will deffinately feel the difference when he drops hun. u will feel a lot more pressure down there. and it can get very uncomfortable. we didnt have any problems like some of the others have talked about. i was only in labor for about 7 hours. and my body caught on very quickly so they didn't have to turn up the amount of pitocin too high for me. it just depends on how ready your body is before they start it. and i was almost ready to go into labor on my own anyways. pitocin is a lot more painful i guess because ur going through it quicker, but if ur planning to use pain meds anyways it wont matter. i decided to get an epidural because it did get way too painful for me to take about 45minutes brfore she was born. she was very happy and healthy, and breastfed great about 20-30 min after she was born!

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by hether29, Jan 13, 2013
I was induced my first baby. and. the contractions were fine i was bored in the hospital waoting. then the next mornung they popped my water. like two minutes latter i actually new i was having contractions.... i made it through one set i paniced they gave me something to relax. help take off edge then they gave me epidrual. i tried to push but couldnt feel contractions anymore. So they had ti tell me when. well baby wasnt going to pass my pelvic bone. And i had to have c section. my second one wad a c section and these one has to be one too.

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