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Swampy's Pain

Jul 29, 2010 - 20 comments

On Monday night, Swampy had dinner with his friends. He had an order of crab cakes, 2 glasses of iced tea, and some cranberry juice. Swampy was scheduled to work that night so he walked home to do that. Upon arriving home, he found a note saying that he didn't need to work.

So after a few more minutes, Swampy decided it was time for bed. He lay down to sleep on his back. 1 minute later it felt as if every one if his back muscles were pulled, ultra sore, and bruised. Shifting from side to side did not help. Swampy got less than an hour of sleep Monday night.

Decision: give the pain 24 hours to subside, and contact doctor if the pain is still as bad or if any new symptoms develop.

Tuesday Swampy felt a lot better. There was still plenty of pain, though. After finding a position to sleep on that night, Wednesday morning Swampy decided that a doctor visit would be really useful.

Swampy likes his doc. She has a very fast and witty response to all of Swampy's lousy jokes. Anyway, after thumping him, she said "maybe you pulled something, maybe you've a kidney stone..." She offered Swampy various meds, none of which seemed very interesting at the time.  She told him to report to the hospital for tests the next day (that is the usual procedure, she just uses their lab).

Now its Wednesday night. Swampy is trying to get to sleep but the pain is now so bad that the only position he can be on his bed is on his hands and knees. (Or whatever swampcritters have there). Anyhow, Swampy tried various pillow arrangements to no avail.

Finally he figured out the if he lay on his chest in a very straight line, and tightly folded his arms above his head, the back pain went away. Instead, there was a sharp point pain on two locations just at the base of the rib cage.

The pain wasn't static felt as if someone was irregularly tapping a pain nerve.

Then Swampy realized what was going on. The sharp pain points were the exit from the kidneys. The entrance to the ureter was the bottleneck. Every time the stones bounced against the opening, it caused pain. Since the kidneys were producing urine and it was flowing into the bladder, the flow caused it to bounce, bounce, bounce.

Swampy found that he could temporarily relieve the pain by moving so there was a brief back pressure. Also, by chaining sides the stone would move and it would take it time to find the ureter opening again.

Imagine you have a bathtub that is draining with a floating object in it. The object will migrate towards the drain but won't always be directly above the drain. That is what was going on.

Finally all of a sudden, Swampy felt the sharp end of the stone lodge and stick in the ureter. The pain dramatically increased. Swampy jumped out of bed. The pain was so great, breathing was impossible. He just stood there, unable to breath, unable to cry out, the pain ever increasing. Then, Swampy got a little air into his lungs and screamed.

It wasn't really much a of a scream, there wasn't enough air in the lungs to completely scream, but the cry out caused a little bump and the stone slid down the tube. Swampy could feel it slide.

Then, as if by magic, almost all the pain just vanished. Swampy checked the clock, 2:02am.

This morning, Swampy went to give a urine and blood sample at the hospital. His urine had a significant brown component, probably clotted blood.

Are all these stones gone? Will Swampy sleep tonight?

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483733 tn?1326802046
by TrudieC, Jul 29, 2010
Oh Swampy, I can't imagine how awful that was for you.  I hope they can find a way to break up those stones and stop you from having to experience that again.

Take care,

203342 tn?1328740807
by April2, Jul 29, 2010
You poor thing! I heard kidney stones are the worst! I hope it truly is over for you and you can get some rest! Sending some prayers to you!

134578 tn?1578161083
by AnnieBrooke, Jul 29, 2010
Sheez!!!  Sounds like labor, except without all the nice drugs.  Crossing fingers for you tonight.

152660 tn?1291759171
by aligator79, Jul 29, 2010
Ahhh Swampy,  Aligator doesn't like you...  Mine were in both kidneys and too big to pass, although I did try when I discovered that I had them.  OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW  Sweating horrible and vomiting everywhere.  Needless to say I was doped until they could break them.  I learned to not wait until I started to hurt to take the meds.    Hope you are feeling better.

874521 tn?1424120397
by opus88, Jul 29, 2010
I sympathize with you greatly too, my husband went thru that once and I don't think I've seen anyone in that much pain before, thank God for it that it passed...are you home alone?...would you have been able to call 911?
I would recommend an ultra sound to be sure all have passed...they can crush with the least invasive method of laser.
good luck swampy, hope you get some good sleep to make up for the loss.

242912 tn?1402547092
by Jade59, Jul 29, 2010
Yikes, Swampy!  My face is cringing harder and harder for you as I get farther into your post.  Sure hope that was the first and LAST stone you have to endure.  Can imagine how sore you must feel.  

874521 tn?1424120397
by opus88, Jul 29, 2010
sorry I think its ultra sound that they break them up with NOT laser as I wrote ....keep well

Avatar universal
by pertykitty, Jul 29, 2010
oh i feel for you swampy!! i had stones last year and its horrific pain!! stones can come back, and stones can be gone forever.  i hope for you its the last pain you feel from this.  sleep well swampy!

Avatar universal
by remar, Jul 30, 2010
Poor Swampy! You have to find out if there's more stones so this does'nt happen again.
Opus88 is right. They can break these up and it's a very simple procedure.
I hope Swampy is able to sleep better.  Remar

168348 tn?1379360675
by ChitChatNine, Jul 30, 2010

Swampy, CC9 suggests you get (at the very least) an ultrasound and/or a CT Scan w/o contrast to see if there's anything else hiding that isn't on the move yet.  OUCH.  

Did you catch the stone .. if so, have your doc send it out for analysis.... Some types of stones can be treated via oral meds so as never to have a repeat performance.  Uric Acid stones are treatable with meds taken to prevent gout.  If it's calcium oxalate as most are, a diet low in oxalates and/or reduced calcium oftentimes suggested.  

How large was the stone?  Most stones 5.0 they may need intervention.

Yep, I have had multiple kidney stones .. so I know how you feel after the fact too ... you may feel as if a Mack Truck ran you over ten-fold for days to come.

My largest was only 4.0mm ... you were lucky to pass the stone in only 2 days!!! WTG Swampy ... sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks and every step along the way is very painful.

Please, keep us posted .. Also, ask for a 24hr urine test to be certain your minerals, etc are all in check and that your thyroid is ok too if the stone is calcium or your blood / urine show elevated calcium .. parathyroids can be culprit.

Hopefully an isolated incident, Swampy ... I really hope so as I have had too many to count.


Avatar universal
by Claire_MHModerator, Jul 30, 2010
Yeeow!   Hope you feel better soon!

168348 tn?1379360675
by ChitChatNine, Jul 30, 2010
See above .....  

5.0mm should read "greater than" 5.0 mm may need intervention ...

hmmmmm it didn't take the "greater than" sign .. boo hoo.

Also, small-sized stones usually cannot be crushed because they are too small to begin with and the sizes they end up being crushed into with lithotripsy are the size of the ones being passed on their own .. just a sidenote in case yours are of the small kidney stone size.  The crushing is wonderful for the larger ones so I've heard.  Mine, are too small and can be very pesky until they decide to go "on the move".   They also can show up on a regular X-ray...but not the really small ones.


389974 tn?1331018842
by swampcritter, Jul 30, 2010
Well, Swampy gave the lab a disgusting urine sample right after passing the stone, so there should be residual material in it.

Don't know how long the analysis will take.

Swampy has no idea how large the stone was, he never saw it he just felt it.

One kidney was in pain last night, but no indication of another stone, certainly not the warbling pain he had the night before. It may be wise to also get checked for a kidney infection.

168348 tn?1379360675
by ChitChatNine, Jul 30, 2010
Analysis usually takes a few days unless they send it out to one of the premier stone labs (one is in CO I think) and then it can take upwards of 2+ weeks.

Not a bad idea to definitely be checked for UTI or Kidney infection.  They do a # scraping up the insides along their exit route.  They are crystals/stones.  I usually always get a UTI a few days after a stone-event.

Lots of water .. water .. water ... water to help you feel better and flush out any remaining fragments that may have broken off along the way ....

Not sure if you have the Water Tracker:

Oh ... you may want the pain one, too, if you don't have it already:


134578 tn?1578161083
by AnnieBrooke, Jul 31, 2010
Cranberry juice, too.  Poor Swampy.

168348 tn?1379360675
by ChitChatNine, Jul 31, 2010
Oh YES cranberry juice.  Wanna know the theory behind the cranberry juice from what I've beent told by my urologist ... the cranberries create a slippery surface on the linings so it makes it more difficult for the bacteria to stick!  Sometimes the bacteria is harbored inside the stone so that's why people have repeated infections before the stone actually passes.

Also, if thinking long-term cranberry supplements, may want to ck with doc first  .. if an oxalate stone, Dr's usually don't want long time cranberries used :( , but some allow it short-term to help clear things out.


Avatar universal
by Dazon50, Jul 31, 2010
You have my sympathies.  I hope you get rid of the stones and are able to control getting them to stay in the big black hole instead of forming in you.

My oldest brother had them years ago & never wanted them to return.

You shared a good description ...vivid!!!

Cranberry juice is the one I have heard helps with many people.

389974 tn?1331018842
by swampcritter, Aug 01, 2010
Swampy will circle back with his doctor on Monday to find out if he needs a followup on all this.

Meanwhile...a pain has developed in a different place. Time to see a dentist. Sigh.

172023 tn?1334675884
by peekawho, Aug 06, 2010
Oh, my poor Swampy!    

Avatar universal
by pertykitty, Aug 06, 2010
swampy are we twins? im having kidney stones again and a toothache for the first time in my life!! im a grinder and i think i may have cracked a tooth.  

at the pharmacy an intern told me he heard beer was good for stones, uhhh ya so you fall down in pain? lol ill stick to water thanks!

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