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Knee surgery - Make sure you are fixing the real issue

Jul 30, 2010 - 0 comments

knee surgery


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I've posted about my knee injury while playing with my kids on March 22, 2010. While putting weight on my right leg my knee seemed to give way. The knee swelled up like a balloon after a few hours and when I got an MRI the diagnosis was a radial tear of the torn lateral meniscus (i've posted pictures of it on MedHelp (, The prognosis was that I would not be running or playing squash on this knee without surgery and that conveniently they could accommodate me for surgery that week. I asked about trying rehab first and was told that I could but that with high probability it wouldn't work and that I would be relegating my self to doing rehab twice. Once to try and fix it and the second post surgery and that it would be easier to do them together. In addition, if I had my surgery before the muscles atrophied it would shorten the recovery. Having torn my lateral meniscus before (in the other knee) I just didn't feel as if the pain this time was a result of the tear and opted to try physical therapy. I started working with Lisa Giannone, whom I cannot recommend more, and she quickly agreed that even though there was a tear in my meniscus it was pretty asymptomatic and that the location and movements that cause the pain didn't mesh with the meniscus tear being the issue. She started me on physical therapy and after 3 months of it I have no symptoms on a daily basis and  can now run with no issues (completed a 12 mile pain free run). I'm still working on the lateral motion and am about 60% of the way recovered on that. I'm going to continue working on it and will post another update soon.

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