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Lost and Confused.

Aug 13, 2008 - 14 comments

heyy everyone.

i'm a 16 year old female and up until about 2 weeks ago, i was always pretty healthy and enjoyed a normal life. i'm 5'2, 116 pounds and i don't smoke or drink or abuse drugs.

i started having these really weird heart palpitations. what i mean is, i feel my heart beating in my chest ALL the time. even when i'm not thinking about it. and it feels like it's pounding way too hard and way too fast. when i look at my chest, i expect my heart to come jumping out any minute.

i'm suffering from extreme anxiety and worry, since i have NO idea what is wrong with me and/or what's making me feel so awful. i told my parents about it, and they said it's all in my mind and that i should just 'relax'. but i know for a fact that the problem i'm having is physical.

i've seen 2 doctors, one a regular family doctor and the other one a cardiologist. i had an EKG test and blood test performed by my first doctor, and the blood test was fine, but the EKG was abnormal. i'm not sure how much it was off, since they never talk to me, only my parents. so my doc prescribed atenolol for me. i take one little pill a day, but i don't think it's helping me at all. sometimes i sneak in two pills, but i've stopped doing that because it might make things worse.

usually my heart problem is worse after i wake up from a night's sleep or even a nap. plus i have really weird/bad dreams and some other problems. it's so hard to go to sleep when i can feel my own heart pounding in my chest! my pulse is usually 73 or so. i'm pretty sure that's normal.

saw the cardiologist the next day and had an EKG test done and an ultrasound. also a breathing test. results were also normal. also another blood test, which i'm still waiting for the results. blood pressure is normal. pulse is normal. i see him again in two weeks, but i feel like i'm dying. i get weaker and weaker each passing day and no one is doing anything to help me. but dad is leaving for 2 weeks, and he is the only one in my family with a liscence to drive and we only have 1 car. plus i live about an hour away from the hospital, so if anything happens, i'll probably die before i even get there. they just won't listen to me, i keep telling them how sick i am but they don't even listen! they get mad and start yelling at me! i have no way of getting any medical attention! all i want is someone to listen to me!

before all this started, i hadn't had my peroid for about 2-3 months. i'm not sure if that means anything. but i got my period last week (thank god!). symptoms that i am having NOW include:

-constant, heavy heartbeat (24/7)
-dry skin and brittle nails
-shortness of breath (sighing, yawning constantly)
-anxiety, stress, worry, fatigue
-irritability and depression
-chest pain and discomfort (pressure, tightness, ETC.)
-soar muscles/muscle pain
-intolerance to heat
-upset stomach
-cold hands and feet
-difficulty sleeping and eating and concentrating
-dry mouth
-irregular period
-losing alot more hair than usual
-pain in my shoulders, back, sides, and neck

and NOW i'm starting to get flu/fever like symptoms that are:

-swollen throat glands (feels as if something is swollen in my throat!)
-yucky feeling in throat
-head pain/congestion and discomfort

my dad looked at my throat and said it looks like something's a little big in there, but i can't get any medical help for at least two weeks. i'm trying to tell myself that i'll be OK, but this is the most difficult thing in my life that i've ever had to deal with. especially since i have no idea WHAT is wrong with me HOW long it will last, and if it's life-threatening.  no one deserves to go through this. but i'd rather lose my eyesight and go deaf than deal with all this. i just want feel how i did two weeks ago before all this weird **** happened!!

could i have diabetes? some complicated heart problem or strange disease? or perhaps a virus? my parents think i'm a hypochondriac, true that may be, but that doesn't make what i'm feeling any less real. i'm convinced that i have a serious medical problem. but no one believes me. except me and maybe a few other people. at leats my pulse is normal. that's a good sign, isn't it? i'm just so lost and confused!! i just hope i'll get better.

my dad told me that my thyroid results were normal. so what the hell is wrong with me? a disease? virus? infection? i'm not getting any proper medical care at all! no one is helping me and my parents refuse to check me into a hospital. alot of times i think i'm actually gonna die. maybe they want me to die. every day gets harder and harder and i don't know how long i'm gonna last. PLEASE HELP ME AND SUPPORT ME IF YOU CAN!!

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593337 tn?1230137501
by Aaron8903, Aug 18, 2008
I read through this entire post and wow - what a sigh of relief I just got. I'm not the only person in this world that's going through this, and surprisingly, it's another teenager. Hopefully this could bring some comfort to you.

Now before I continue, I'm NOT a doctor, nor should you take my advice as it may jeopardize your condition. But, from what I can see, we're experiencing a similar (if not identical) problem.

I've had the above (your post) for about 8 months, and had every test in the book. Every result was unanimous - my heart/body was fine. For 8 long, grueling months (and counting), I have no idea what's wrong. Trust me, I can relate exactly to your frustrations and concerns.

Every one of the symptoms you listed I can relate to, except the irregular period (obviously, lol) and excessive hair loss (perhaps it's a female hormonal issue). I've become a completely different person in these last few months - and I hate it. One thing to note, I had flu/fever/virus like symptoms both before, and during my entire situation.

I was like you, initially - scared and very stressed out. Who wouldn't be? You're going for tests and nothing is showing up, especially when you 'know' something is wrong. I've been there. What I've learned slowly is that this is probably (emphasis on the word "probably") not life-threatening. Recently I even started exercising again, which hasn't turned out very well (if you read my post on the forums, it explains it).

My heart palpitations story is remarkably similar to yours, and as I searched for answers for months - nothing came up but a post from 2002 here on MedHelp. Thank God I signed up, thus, reading your troubles now.

BTW, I was tested negative for diabetes, and there's no virus currently in my body (or so they say). Because my echo came back normal, I guess for me MVP Syndrome is ruled out. However, look into DYSAUTONOMIA (just Google it). I've been to the emergency twice, two doctors, two cardiologists, and now a homeopathic doctor - let's hope you get some answers.

If you have any other questions, just ask. I needed someone to understand what I was going through a long time ago, but no one knew what to do. Wow, this is freakin' me out...



586636 tn?1223131279
by Sarah_Riot, Aug 19, 2008
THANK GOD i've found someone who can relate to me lol!!!

seriously. i've been sick for almost 3 weeks now and i have to go back to school in about a week, and i'll probably end up going home every other day haha. it sounds like we both migh have the same thing. whatever it is we're going through, it's actually more annoying i would say than life-threatening. i haven't been to the ER yet, and i hope i don't have to anytime soon lol. my symptoms ALWAY get worse when i start panicking about it or even weirder when i hear people yelling or talking loudly (like my parents always do). everyone tells me it's ANXIETY, whatever. i know it's not. well it might be a small part of what we're going through. i've actually been feeling better lately, but i still have my awful heart palpitations. it really *****. i live in germany and all the doctors here are mean and rude and i don't think they really know what they're doing. i just try my best to ignore it but at night it's so incredibly hard to sleep because i can feel my heart thumping so hard and heavy, that it just scares me and keeps me up at night. that's why i usually fall asleep with the TV on. we're too young to be going through all this. what scares me the most is the fact that maybe no one will find anything wrong with me, and i'll have to live like this the rest of my life. but i hope we don't have to. or i'll go insane lol.

hope we both feel better soon!!! always here to help you!! Sarah

593337 tn?1230137501
by Aaron8903, Aug 19, 2008
We're in almost the same situation (yeah, I'm still shocked).

And just so you know I went the hospital ER because of a fast heartbeat of 130+ BPM for over 24 hours, all of these symptoms I have now (and we share) only started AFTER I had this. This leads me to believe what we have is somewhat provoked by stress and/or anxiety, because I was scared out of my mind that entire time. But I've had this now for 8 months and counting ... it should be gone by now. And yeah, when I'm panicking it gets MUCH worse. For example, a fight broke out on the bus one day -- I nearly died... lol.

Oh man, can I ever relate to not sleeping at night. When it initially started, I got about 2-4 hours of forced sleep. Now, it's about 6-7 hours -- much better. Sadly, I've almost gotten used to having this crazy, undiagnosed disease/problem because I've had it for soo long. When I lay on my left side at night, I also hear the heart extremely loud (not so much on the right side). Same for you?

Have you tried light exercise? I don't recommend anything intense, but go for a little walk/jog (or even some light free weights) if you can. It'll be scary at first, trust me, but it seems to help a bit at least temporarily.

I've also found something that strangely helped, and that's MASSAGES! I go for one about once a week, and immediately after, my heart beats softer and more "concentrated." Perhaps it's something to do with the muscles ... not sure. It doesn't seem to reduce stress at all (I''m tense the entire time), but the effect afterward is great. Yes, the problems come back normal (they always do...), but the temporary feeling is worth it. Maybe you should try going for one. Obviously, go to a registered massage therapist.

Yeah, I'm starting University this year, and I'm really not looking forward to it with these problems. All I can say for you is try and let it not hinder your school attendance, because it's important. But if you feel particularly cruddy one day, then for sure, stay home. I was in grade 12 when it happened and ended up missing quite a few days...

As with you, my biggest concern is having this for the next 50 years. I really can't stand this ... and I'd go nuts if it doesn't somehow get better. We'll get through it, hopefully.   :-)

If you have any questions, just ask.

` Aaron

586636 tn?1223131279
by Sarah_Riot, Aug 19, 2008
man, i am so glad i found you lol!!

for excersize, i walk with my dog and dance with my friends lol. but when i do alot of physical activity i'm scared that maybe my heart will start acting up again. you see, i went to an american clinic the other day and i got SO nervous that my resting heart beat was about 100 BPM and i literally thought i was gonna die. it was horrible lol. and the doctors there were NOT helping me at all. in fact, one doctor made me cry. saying there was nothing wrong with me when they could see that my heart was beating extremely fast. eventually, i calmed down during the ride home. but i've learned to kinda live with it. but of course i don't want to. who would? it really affects my life. i mean 2-3 weeks ago i was perfectly normal and healthy. now i have no idea what's wrong with me. i just hope that i don't drop dead anytime soon. i'm only 16 and got my WHOLE life ahead of me. and it's so weird that this "illness" or whatever seemed to come out of nowhere. some days i feel ok. some days i actually want to die to make it all go away. have you tried any medications? i'm taking ATENOLOL, but i'm not really sure if it helps me. i think it is. before i started taking it, my heart was always beating a little faster. but now that i do take it, my dreams are ALOT more vivid and frankly, more weird and disturbing lol. i guess i'll keep taking it until the doc says i don't have to. maybe you and me have some sort of weird unknown disease. that would really suck lol. but just because the doctors say we're alright, doesn't mean there's nothing there. they don't know everything. especially the doctors here where i live. i would give anything for an experienced AMERICAN doctor now.

i hope we both get over this weird illness. i've forgotton how it feels to feel "normal", ya know? i feel like i'm trapped in a little box or something. i don't see other kids my age going through this, so sometimes it makes me feel kind of like a 'freak' or something. it's really hard. and it's getting harder. i'd also go nuts if it doesn't get better. guess we'll be going insane together lol.

always here for you!! ^_^


593337 tn?1230137501
by Aaron8903, Aug 19, 2008
Hey, I'm 19 and have my whole life ahead of me too! I find it strange that this is happening to two teenagers, and not some 60 year old where it's expected (no offense, but it's true).

Currently I'm NOT on any medications. I was before for the fast heart rate, but came off. Now that I go to a homeopathic doctor (more like a nature-based doctor), he's given me a few things to take (like, 10 pills a day) to bring up my body's level of magnesium and other minerals. Hey, it's worth a shot. So far I haven't noticed much difference, and it's only been about 2 weeks.

Nervousness has a huge affect on this condition. Like that bus incident I mentioned previously, it sends signals which (a) make it go 100+ BPM, and (b) make it a VERY strong heart beat. It's really scary, and I completely understand your fears.

Yeah, as far as I know, it's just you 'n me having this CRAZY thing happen to us. Hey, we'll be insane buddies I guess :-P . I wake up every morning thinking, maybe it's gone, it's all over. Then I feel it and just get soo sad it's back for another day. Being in a "constant state of discomfort" (I use that to describe it a lot) isn't fun at all...

Maybe I'll try your meds if nothing seems to work for me. Something is better than nothing..

At least I know I'm not alone in this -- haha. Like I said 100x, if you have any questions, just ask. I've been through this for 8 months...

` Aaron

586636 tn?1223131279
by Sarah_Riot, Aug 19, 2008
man, i know how you feel.

every morning when i wake up, i think to myself  'maybe it's gone', but after a few seconds i can feel it again. it's awful. i just want for the both of us to feel normal again. atenolol is really good for helping fast and irregular heartbeats. my heart rate was always pretty much normal, but the doc prescribed it to me after my 'attack' over at the clinic. it's such an uncomfortable feeling going through all this. i just want it all to go away. sometimes i think it's all in my head. but after a few minutes i realize that there is actually something physically wrong with me.

when i first started having the palpitations, i just could NOT sleep at night no matter how hard i tried. i was way too terrified. i would start panicking and start shaking all over and cry all night. some nights i still do. and all my cats looked at me like, 'what's wrong with her' lol. i also can feel my heart beating in my ear when i sleep on either side. and when i lie flat on my back, i can just feel it beating hard in my chest. and when i look down at my chest, it looks as if my heart is gonna jump out any minute. you poor thing. having to take so many pills. but to be honest, i would take double that amount of pills to make me feel better.

actually, one thing that i found that helps me feel a little bit better is to sit in front of a cool fan. i don't know why, but ever since i started getting the palpitations, i've developed an intolerance to heat. i have NO idea why. it's so weird! and since my older sister is moving away to college, i get her huge room, and i'm trying to look forward to decorating it and having such a big room for once in my life lol. but this weird heart things REALLY gets in the way of my life. and my happiness.

and everyone says it's all in my mind when it is not. i get to see me heart doctor in about a week, for a stress test (that'll probably kill me lol), and i have to wear a holtor monitor for 24 hours. but that's just gonna check for irregular heartbeats. my pulse is fine. not much problems with it anymore. i just have this incredibly hard, heavy heartbeat ALL the time, but no one seems to understand that. my mom said to me the other day 'you know sarah, EVERYONE feels their heartbeat'. yeah, of course everyone can. but they don't feel as if they're heart is gonna jump out their chest any minute! this problem is REALLY stressing me out and it's sooo annoying to deal with. but at least i'm not losing as much hair as i was. i love my hair lol. i just wish we could at least KNOW for sure what is wrong with us. whether is be physical or mental. or both. but all everyone cares about nowadays is AIDS and diabetes. what about us people with heart problems?

you know, it might not be the actual heart itself. cause i had an ultrasound done, and the doc said i could live up too 100 with how my heart looked. i think valve, and/or artery problems can cause these symptoms. also virus, infections, ETC. that apparently we don't have. also thyroid problems can cause heart palpitations. i think maybe i have MITRAL VALVE PROLAPSE or something. but i have a feeling that if a doctor checked for that on me, he wouldn't find anything wrong. i also keep getting these nasty chest pains and other awful symptoms. chances are that it's my heart or some problems with it. but my parents don't think anything of it when i tell them these things. they just tell me to 'relax' and then i'll be fine. whatever. they have NO idea what i'm going through. what WE are going through. but i guess that makes them lucky lol. i just want my old life back. i'll probably never feel 'right' again. my brain's gotten so used to all this dreadful and weird thinking. out of all the people in the world, why did this have to happen to US?? especially since we're so young. i feel like punching God in the face sometimes now lol.

hopefully we'll get through it. i'm always here for you!! ^_^

598468 tn?1219512223
by Sportgal, Aug 23, 2008
Hey guys, I was doing some desperate research on the internet and found your post.  I have basically allllll the symptoms you listed above, minus the extreme heart palpation.  I have them every one in a while, but they usually only last for 10 secs. or so at a time.  My main problem is that I bloat after everything I eat.  doesn't matter what.  I am also a teenager (17) and am extremely active.  Just this past July 18th I was running 70 miles per week.  My normal weight was 123lbs. and I ate an extremely healthy diet. When my miles went up, I ate more to keep on the weight.  All of a sudden everything turned on me.  I went from being 123lbs. one day to 129 a day later.  When I went to doctor and weighed myself in, I was at 129, which was a Friday.  The next Monday (so Friday 129, then sat. sun. then Monday) I weighed in at 135.  That next night I was 140.  Not even a week later I was 149.  That's a total of 26 + lbs. in less than 2 weeks.  My ankles swelled up, my back hurt, I started to lose my hair, I was tired ALL the time, had night sweats, trouble sleeping, ached all over, bloating to no end, dizzy at times, lose of interest to most things, loss my period and crave peanut butter... which i used to not even really like!  I was in the hospital for 2 days and they did every test you can think of under the sun.  I pulled over 35 viles of blood.  I have seen so many different doctors and they all act if I don't matter or have anything wrong!  It drives me nuts.  I wanted to do cross country this year for school, but I cant even run anymore.  
If you guys have any suggestions, I would really appretiate it.  Thanks


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by tms7990, Aug 27, 2008
Hi all of you suffering from these horrible symptoms.  Let me try to bring some comfort to you young people who can't seem to get anyone to believe you or understand what you are going through.  I can speak to you from a Mom's perspective since I am 43 years old and also from the perspective of someone who has been there and continues to deal with this illness.  Sara and Aaron it sounds like both of you have some form of dysautonomia, probably neurocardiogenic syncope.  I have all the same symptoms and have for years.  I also have Mitral vavle prolapse and therefore for years thought that my symptoms came from that.  The test you need to ask for is a Tilt Table Test.  It will confirm whether or not you have this condition.  There are medications that can help if you can tolerate them.  I cannot tolerate most of them because of my Mitral Vavle issue and the fact that I cannot have stimulants.  Florinef is a good one that I didn't experience any bad side effects from but wound up having to come off of it because my tongue was swelling (they thought an allergic reaction was developing).  The one thing that you can do on your own now is to start drinking 100 oz of water per day (or other non-caffeinated drink such as gatorade) and eating a lot of salty foods.  This will help you retain fluid and keep your blood pressure up.  At the very beginning of an episode, drink a big glass of water and it will provide some relief immediately (usually).  A cold compress on the side of your neck, carotid artery will also slow your heart rate.  If you are in the car, turn the air conditioner on high and blow it directly on your face/upper body.  Go onto the Vanderbilt University Medical Center website and search neurocardiogenic syncope and you will find a lot of information there.  I wish you all the best and pray that you get some answers and relief.  

God bless you,

754228 tn?1233714351
by Kamily828, Feb 03, 2009
For all that are suffering I have one question for you:

Did you get the HPV vaccine called Gardasil?

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by cynthia1951, Feb 03, 2009
I am a research journalist and I have been researching Gardasil for two years now.  The similarities in your symptoms with the girls affected by this vaccine is right there.  I have also found a connection between symptoms to autism children.  Aaron8903 did you have any vaccinations a month or two before this started?  If you did do you know which ones?  This is important because of certain ingredients that are in vaccines.  
You will all be in my prayers.
Cynthia Janak

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by pookie970, Mar 20, 2009
sounds like some major anxiety

878455 tn?1240312641
by karenahaack, Apr 21, 2009
Sounds like gardasil symptons....If you had the gardasil if not did they check your thyroid?

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by kirajen, Feb 09, 2010
I have recently started feeling all of these symptoms and i am on a desperate search to figure out what it is. I had an EKG that came back abnormal but all my blood work is clear. Did any one from this forum figure it out?

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by bobbi41, Mar 05, 2011
I have the same symtoms and have had them for 4 months. A month prior to getting sick, I got the meningitis&&tetnus shot. I'm 15. Think that could have anything to do with it?

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