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Aug 13, 2008 - 3 comments



luteal phase




stretch marks

Well im up to 13dpo which is supposed to mean my lp is ok, not too short.  so i am so far happy about that.  mmc says i am 1 day late but it predicted my o day would be 0729 and on here its logging 0731 as o day.
i have been having some feeling in my lower abdominal area not cramps just twitches and feels like it alternates sides.
boobies were sore off and on yesterday
also i seem to have a red line on my left breast. i thought maybe i scratched myself but its not raised on the skin. there seem to be very light stretch marks and the red line is in one of them.  cant ever remember seeing stretch marks on my breast - im an itty bitty woman lol
i will have the doc do some bloodwork fri and i will post what i find out

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540911 tn?1263194614
by unlaced, Aug 13, 2008
ooo...neat!  and i'm happy to hear about your LP as it's not an entirely easy thing to treat.  oh, i hope you did it.  xing fingers for a BFP!!!

539570 tn?1264699967
by fairyzduzt, Aug 14, 2008
good luck!!!!

553016 tn?1229737232
by MoMORBust, Aug 28, 2008
sorry so late but thanks ladies for the comments

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